At Alas y Cia we have great pleasure in offering you our popular selection of hand painted, hand crafted angels, cherubs and nativities- Each figurine has been chosen for its high quality and beauty and is painted and gilded by hand in our Studio workshop in the Province of Granada, Spain.

Amongst these attractive and original figures, you will find angels for all tastes - for that special touch

  • An angel for that special gift,
  • Angels and cherubs for collections,
  • Angels to decorate the home,
  • Religious angels and cherubs,

We also have a range of beautiful and traditional nativities - to bring that magic touch to Christmas - with St Joseph, the Virgen Mary, Baby Jesús with the animals and the three kings ...

You can see and order these on the pages of angels, cherubs and nativities of this Web site.

Important Note
Our angels, cherubs and nativities are all authentic Spanish artesanal products. We never use products or materials in our work which are produced using exploited or forced labour.
Imitation Wood

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Alas y Cia - Granada - Authentic Spanish artesanal angels, cherubs and nativities
"Made in Spain" Do We Have and Angel for you?
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