10 Manga-Only Characters Who Were Left Out In The Anime Adaptation


Anime fans are always excited about adaptations of their favorite manga, but an adaptation might remove one of their favorite manga characters.

Anime is a particularly unique form of storytelling. In other media, deviations from the source material are acceptable and may bring out the adaptation. When creators make changes to adaptations, they often do so thinking that the adaptation should be unique in some way since it’s been seen before. Among anime fans, however, unfaithful adaptations are often frowned upon.

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Audiences prefer “complete” adaptations that bring animated scenes to life. Unfortunately, some anime adaptations are cut short or have to make major changes. It’s common to cut manga characters only from anime adaptations when changes need to be made.

ten Mick Angel was once a best friend of Saeba Ryo (City Hunter)

Mick Angel City Hunter

Mick Angel was one of Saeba Ryo’s partners when he was in America, but in the city ​​hunter manga, their relationship eventually deteriorates. After being hired by Kaibara Shin, he comes to Japan to release Ryo. But rather than just kill him and move on, Mick falls in love with Kaori and challenges Ryo to a duel. After Ryo defeats him, Angel abandons his attempt to kill Ryo and instead decides to leave in peace.

9 Granolah’s life was ruined because of Frieza (Dragon Ball Super)

Manga Dragon Ball Super Granolah Powers With Oatmeal

Granolah is the key villain of the last Dragon Ball Super bow. Unfortunately, a lot of GreatThe manga arcs of are still not suitable. Granolah belongs to a race of beings that were wiped out by the Saiyans on Frieza’s orders. After wishing to become the strongest being in the universe, he created problems for both Goku and Vegeta, though their battles were never as final as fans had hoped.

8 Chronica was sent to the planet Gunsmoke to stop the knives (Trigun)

Chronicle of Trigun

the Trigun manga continued for years after the Trigun the anime ended and the series never got a full anime adaptation. In the manga, many new characters and concepts are introduced that go beyond what the TV series offered.

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the Trigun The manga features new Earth plant characters who have come to help the planet. Chronica and Domina are two such plants that were sent to Earth. But Knives absorbs Domina, leaving Chronica alone and furious with Knives for her actions. She never forgives him.

seven Nana becomes another member of Bishamon’s Regalia (Noragami)

Nana Noragami

Bishamon has a lot of Regalia, but that never stopped her from adding more Noragami. Nana was a Blessed Regalia who spent years sealed away for a crime before Bishamon finally unlocked her. She has an untold amount of rage against the gods because of what they did to her and her master, but she respects Bishamon to some degree. In her weapon form, she is known as Shikki. She can attack enemies with a swarm of locusts to annihilate them.

6 The mafia hacker helped uncover the existence of the Phantom Troupe (Hunter x Hunter)

Mafia Hacker Hunter x Hunter

the Hunter X Hunter The 2011 adaptation manages to adapt the manga perfectly and even elevate it at times. Hunter X Hunter ’99 has an undeniable charm with its late ’90s aesthetic and vibe, both of which are unmatched even by the modern series, but neither series adapts the mob hacker character. He was hired by the Mafia to uncover information about the Phantom Troupe and was talented enough to hack into all databases. He discovers that no member of the Phantom Troupe existed and even warns the Mafia against pursuing them.

5 Saiga Furinji is the father of Miu (the greatest disciple in history, Kenichi)

Saiga Furinji

Saiga Furinji is the son of Hayato Furinji in Kenichi, the greatest disciple in history. The series has always mentioned that Miu is actually Hayato’s granddaughter, but they never show Miu’s father in the anime. He appears in the final part of the manga and is revealed to be the lost member of the Ryozanpaku. He is potentially more skilled in martial arts than his father and is skilled in a variety of different martial arts styles. Saiga also happens to be a master of disguise who helps train Kenichi to make him even more powerful.

4 Suzaku is a member of the Revolutionary Army (Akame ga Kill Zero)

Suzaku Akame ga Kill

Suzaku was a member of the revolutionary army that worked against the empire in hopes of bringing it down. The character was introduced early in the manga but didn’t stick around for very long.

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He was a skilled swordsman, but that was never really shown. Instead, Suzaku gets caught and killed by Akame quite easily. Despite his untimely death, the manga still introduced more of the military outside of the main characters than the anime.

3 Kirito is a member of the leaders of the Uru Uruha (Flame of Recca)

Kirito Flame of Recca

Kirito is one of the best members of Flame of Reccathe main villain group, Ura Uruha. Unlike the other members of the group, she cannot actually fight. She appears at the end of the series and her main power allows her to adjust her age as she sees fit. Her special ability allows her to summon a giant monster to fight for her when she needs protection. She can command the creature with the Nehan and she fires energy blasts that can destroy buildings.

2 The dryad is a spirit that lives with the elves (black clover)

Black Clover Dryad

the black clover The manga eventually reveals that the elves have found their own home: a village known as Elysia, located in a giant tree. In Elysia, the elves are protected by a guardian spirit named Dryad, a woman wearing a dress made of plants. He is generally a kind and polite person who enjoys helping people. Dryad is the one who helps teach the Magic Knights how to use Ultimate Magic by subjecting them to mana training to make them stronger fighters.

1 Lucas is one of the grown-up children (The Promised Neverland)

Yugo and Lucas fight the invaders

Doesn’t fit completely The promised never-never land the manga is easily one of the biggest mistakes of the current era of anime. The series was hugely popular and fans were eager to see how the story actually ended. But the anime skipped the Goldy Pond arc and the events of the anime only went downhill from there. Lucas was one of the children who survived and reached adulthood. He taught a group of children in the Goldy Pond area and served as a father figure.

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