10 secrets that ruined everything for Nightwing


The most of by Dick Grayson incarnations characterize him as an honest person. Occasionally, however, he keeps secrets that have huge implications for his life and the lives of others. Conversely, sometimes secrets are really necessary to ensure the safety of loved ones. For example, whenever Nightwing’s secret identity is revealed, chaos ensues.

RELATED: 10 Best DC Comics Work After Future StateMeanwhile, other characters sometimes keep Nightwing Bombs, which rarely ends well either. After all, the longtime protege of the The World’s Greatest Detective has the skills to piece together almost any secret. Overall, Nightwing and his associates have received repeated reminders that honesty is (almost) always the best policy.

ten Melinda Zucco was Dick Grayson’s sister

Melinda Zucco, the seemingly corrupt mayor of Blüdhaven, kept some important secrets from Nightwing. Not only did she work undercover to take down Blockbuster’s criminal organizations, but she was also secretly Dick Grayson’s half-sister. Initially, these revelations seemed like a good thing because it meant Nightwing had a living biological family that was fighting for the right.

However, these secrets had negative consequences when revealed. Blockbuster discovered that Melinda was working against him and that she and Dick were conspiring together. As a result, the supervillain went further than ever in his attempts to destroy Grayson’s philanthropic efforts.

9 Bruce and Barbara hide the identity of the Batgirls

Things between Nightwing and Batman are already strained Batman: The Animated Series when Grayson discovers that Wayne has been hiding information about Dick’s girlfriend, Barbara Gordon. In the episode “Old Wounds”, Barbara approaches Bruce, concerned for Dick’s well-being, and Wayne reveals not only each other’s secret identities, but the fact that he’s known Barbara’s secret for some time. time.

RELATED: 10 DC Characters Who Deserve Their Own Series AgainBy circumstance, Dick also learns that Barbara is Batgirl. When he confronts her about telling Batman and not him, she explains that Batman already knew her secret identity and withheld it. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Grayson, who cuts contact with his mentor afterwards.

8 Dick doesn’t tell Barbara that he and Kory are engaged right away

The relationship between Nightwing and Oracle after-Crisis is more complicated than ever. In this continuity, the events of The killer joke happened while Dick was off-world, so he didn’t find out about the attack until six months after the Joker shot him.

To make matters worse, Grayson doesn’t tell Babs about his engagement to Kory when he walks through the door. Instead, he sleeps with Barbara and delivers the engagement announcement to her the next morning. Many fans view the moment as particularly irrelevant for Grayson, as it hurt both Barbara and Kory so deeply at once.

seven Dr. Haas is not who she claims to be

When KGBeast shoots Nightwing in the head, leaving him with severe brain damage and memory loss, Dr. Isabella Haas takes charge of his care. Unfortunately, not only is Haas actually a member of the Court of Owls, but she uses a magical talisman to maintain her amnesia and even plant false memories in her mind.

Grayson, who goes by the name “Ric”, goes months with no memory of the time after his parents died, and even the Joker manipulates him into his vulnerable state. Fortunately, Batgirl and Bea, Grayson’s girlfriend, manage to get their hands on the crystal that Haas uses to control Grayson and restore his memories.

6 Blockbuster Discovers Nightwing’s Secret Identity

The ongoing conflict between Nightwing and Blockbuster in Blüdhaven heated up when the villain burned down Dick Grayson’s Haven affordable housing project. Nightwing arrived on the scene to stop the fire and rescued two children Desmond was holding hostage in the library.

RELATED: 10 Superheroes Who Wear The Coolest JacketsNightwing surrenders in an effort to save the children, and Blockbuster not only hurt Blüdhaven’s guardian angel, but unmasked him. A hero’s identity can be their most critical secret, and a ruthless villain can and will do terrible things with that kind of knowledge.

5 He doesn’t tell the Titans the whole story of Jericho’s presumed death

Dick Grayson does a lot of unkind things on HBO Titans and keeping secrets is one of his worst habits. He doesn’t tell his original Titans teammates that Jericho died trying to save Dick from Deathstroke. It also doesn’t give the new generation of Titans the full backstory of why their predecessors split up in the first place.

When he finally tells everyone the truth, most of his teammates leave Titans Tower, angrier that he kept his secrets than they ever would be about the secrets themselves. He’s not the only version of Nightwing who’s kept too many secrets, but he’s perhaps the most egregious of the lot.

4 Mr. Haly’s secret list leads to mutiny in the circus

In his dying breath, Mr. Haly, owner of the circus in which Nightwing grew up, tells Grayson that his life depends on a “secret at the heart of the circus”. Dick finally deciphers Haly’s encrypted message and finds a book full of names, including his own, hidden in the center of the marquee.

Grayson spends several weeks trying to figure out what the contents of the book mean. Batman eventually deduces that this is a list of circus performers slated for induction into the Court of Owls, but not before one of Dick’s former colleagues sets the circus on fire. If Haly had been more open about the list of names, Grayson might have been better prepared for his former friend’s arsenious anger.

3 Raptor is secretly bad news

Nightwing Goes Undercover to Take Down Parliament of Owls in Self-titled Early Issues Renaissance line and is paired with an agent named Raptor in the process. Although less ethical than Nightwing, Raptor also proclaims to “play the long game” as a double agent. Batgirl expresses concerns about cooperating with Raptor, but Nightwing continues to work alongside her assigned partner.

Raptor finally reveals that he is a double agent, but his allegiance is to Mary Lloyd, Dick’s deceased mother. Raptor had stalked Dick since childhood, believing that Bruce Wayne’s privileged world had erased Mary’s benevolent influence over his son. Raptor even goes so far as to take Bruce hostage to make his point to Grayson.

2 The Crime Syndicate revealed Nightwing’s secret identity

In the crossover event always wrong, the evil Justice League lookalikes in the Crime Syndicate have invaded Prime Earth. They kidnapped Nightwing, and Wonder Woman’s evil counterpart, Superwoman, discovered her identity during a public broadcast.

RELATED: 10 DC Comics Stories That Deserve An Animated MovieTo make matters worse, the Syndicate specifically uses whatever information they can gather on Dick Grayson to target Earth’s heroes. While they were able to capture a number of Justice Leaguers or other superheroes and use their secret identities to track down their respective heroic associates, it’s telling that Nightwing’s secret identity in particular gives the CSA the l access to the entire network of Champions of the Earth.

1 Dick fakes his own death

To infiltrate the secret organization Spyral, Dick Grayson faked his own death with the help of Batman. Unlike other deceased heroes, Nightwing does not receive a warm welcome from those close to him when he reappears alive and well.

Notably, Dick shows up at Alysia Yeoh’s wedding, where Barbara Gordon is busy performing her bridesmaid duties. Although she’s glad he’s breathing, Babs calls her out for pretending to be dead and then showing up at his convenience. Her fellow former Robins are even angrier than Barbara. They both berate him profusely and Jason even punches Dick for hiding that his “death” was just a ploy to get into Spyral. Considering the painful death and resurrection of the second Robin, he was definitely the right person to bring home the effects of this damaging secret.

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