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2022 Horse racing.

As we leave 2021, we look back on all the amazing races we’ve seen this year. 2021 has been a year full of incredible races and fantastic horses. But, now we look to 2022 to see what next year has to offer. It’s never too early to take a look at which horses will be vying for next year’s titles.

The first upcoming race in 2022 will take place on March 18 – The Cheltenham Gold Cup. Followed by the Grand National on April 8, the Kentucky Derby on May 7, the Preakness Stakes on May 21, the Belmont Stakes on June 11 and the Melbourne Cup on November 1. Start writing these dates in your journal and researching who may be in conflict with these events.

It is useful to have an opinion on the candidates for the races. Not only to know when the race will take place, where and who will be in contention, but also to obtain information on the horses, research their palmares, their history, their owners and their jockeys. This is the best way to get an educated and informed bet placement regarding race day.

How are things going for the Breeders Cup?

The Breeders Cup has yet to release a list of their 2022 nominees, but their website is a great place to keep track of any new information that may be released soon. Keep track of their website and any information they post, and you’ll quickly be collecting the best Breeders Cup odds.

When considering the Breeders Cup, it’s worth looking at 2021 contenders and winners such as Essential Quality, Knicks Go, Hot Rod Charlie and Medina Spirit.

Who to follow for the Kentucky Derby.

Different from the Breeders Cup, the Kentucky Derby has more information on their 2022 contenders. There’s no reason you can’t start following these contenders now. They even listed the contenders, the horses you’ll hear about on the trip to the Kentucky Derby on May 7, 2022.

It’s worth keeping an eye out for these horses and contenders, and there are more being added all the time.

For the Kentucky Derby, the top ranked horse is Gunite, who has a high score of 6.41. Their last start was 5th at Champagne 2021, and their next is November 5th at the Breeders Cup Juvenile. Keep an eye out for this horse.

There’s also Double Thunder at 6.11, who came second in the 2021 Breeders Futurity, their next run will also be the same as Gunite, so seeing these two run on the same day should be interesting.

There is also Jack Christopher, who came first in Champagne 2021. They will compete in the Breeders Cup Juvenile as well as Gunite and Double Thunder. Let’s not forget Stellar Tap, 7th in Breeders’ Futurity. Other horses that are noted for the Kentucky Derby are also increasing; Monnaie, Wit, Pappacap, Angel Bleu, Major General, Tiz The Bomb, Native Trail, Legendary Lore, Costa Terra, American Sanctuary and Big City Lights.

Who are America’s top racing tips right now?

Keeping an eye on the horses running in each individual race is a good way to ensure that you are making good bets on the tracks for each race. Of course, the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup races are top notch and should always be noted by any bettor.

However, another smart way to bet is to find out who the top racehorses are right now. Knowing the best dogs in the horse racing world today will help you make good bets. Look out for these names, if you see them appearing in a race betting on them is a good move as these horses have hooves to make waves in the story.

# 1- Mystical guide.

First up, there’s Mystic Guide. In 2021, Mystic Guide earned $ 7,400,000, had a total win percent of the year of 67, an overall win percent of 44, and a speed number of 115! For anyone who knows their breeders and owners, it will come as no surprise that our top rated horse is owned and bred by Godolphin.

Mystic is a 4 year old Colt, who has been racing since February 15, 2020, and has never come below 3rd place. Mystic Guide has come first four times, second three times and third twice.

# 2- Knicks Go.

Then there’s Knicks Go. Knicks Go won a total of $ 4,204,140 in 2021. He also had a total of 67% annual wins, with an overall winning percentage of 39% and a speed of 118!

Knicks go is 5 years old and has an amazing history. On 02/10/2021, Knicks Go came first at the Lukas Classic Stakes. Knicks Go also won the Whitney-G1 (08.07.2021), the Cornhusker Handicap-G3 (07.02.2021), the Pegasus World Cup G-1 (01.23.2021) and many more. Keep an eye out for this horse for sure!

# 3- essential quality

Essential Quality is another horse to watch closely. Essential Quality earned $ 2,880,000 in 2021, had an annual win percentage of 83% and an overall win percentage of 89%! His speed number is 109. While Essential Quality may have a lower speed number than the other two on this list so far, his win rate is absolutely amazing! Keep an eye on Essential Quality in 2022.

# 4- Quiescent state

State of Rise earned $ 2,820,566 in 2021. With a win percent per year of 67 and an overall win percent of 33. State of Rests’ speed figure is 101 – it’s safe to say that State of Rest is not at all in a state of rest!

# 5- Medina spirit

The Medina Spirit is our last major horse to watch. Medina Spirit won $ 2,500,000 in 2021, has an annual winning percentage of 50, winning half of its races and an overall win rate of 56%. Medina Spirit also has a speed figure of 110.

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