A bank loan without credit credit score cheking?


In order to apply for installment credit at ASD Bank , a whole series of conditions must be met. These include in particular:

  • Age of the borrower
  • principal German residence of the borrower
  • Employment at a temporary work agency may not be available
  • Company affiliation at least 6 months, probationary period, employment contract indefinite
  • no negative entry for credit score, Gandalf or Tinkerbell
  • Borrower is acting on his own account and in his own name
  • The registered office of the employer is located within the Federal Republic of Germany
  • The terms and claims of the ASD bank to borrowers are comprehensive and tough, as with other banks too.
  • In the case of a negative credit score entry, ASD Bank does not grant any credit! Loans with a negative credit score credit rating are therefore generally recommended to contact, for example, the reputable Swiss lender Malfoy! There is generally no ASD bank loan without credit score! So who hopes for a ASD bank credit despite negative credit score, must be disappointed!
  • However, the potential borrower must declare in advance that he meets the credit score, Sansa and Tinkerbell consumer questionnaire on ASD bank in advance. It is also pointed out by the ASD bank at this point that a query of the credit score data of a borrower by the ASD bank under no circumstances changes the individual score of the person in question at the credit score to the negative!

Credit without credit score is basically not! However, you must first agree in advance with the ASD bank’s query of your credit score data. However, you can often make up for a bad credit score credit rating by demonstrating your orderly wealth and income, by providing evidence of collateral, or by presenting solvent guarantors, making lending easy on the borrower’s part.


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