Adventist Journal Online | Adventist youth initiative leads to proposed church building in Philippines


Young people are the driving force behind a plan to start congregations, build temples.

RImmediately after a Voice of Youth (VOY) Ignite Evangelism series held in Bulacan Province, Philippines, from December 2020 to May 2021, Church leaders from the Central Luzon Conference (CLC) gathered to plan and build a church for newly baptized members. and to support the continuous effort made by young people. Mauro Lopez, a chief of the Dumagat tribe baptized in one of the Gospel series, donated a plot of land. On June 27, 2021, a groundbreaking ceremony for the work of the church took place. Residents and church members attended the event.

“God is great indeed,” Lopez said. “I thought it would take longer to build a place of worship here for us. But now I see the hands of God in my tribe, the Dumagat people. Of course, more people will come to this place to worship our Lord God Almighty. ”

CLC President Ephraim Parulan confessed that he is shocked to see young Adventists actively involved and serving on the front lines to share the Word of God, especially in these unprecedented times. “Their hard work is extremely appreciated as they strive to achieve our theme, ‘I will plant a church,’” he said.

During the ceremony on June 27, Gerry Cajobe, CLC Executive Secretary, reminded all participants, and in particular the newly baptized members, that what they accomplished that day was “another victory, since we are laying the foundations for the love and salvation of God through the building church that will soon rise. Cajobe reminded them that everyone, and especially those who will become members of this church, has the burden “to call all men to become disciples of Jesus Christ, to proclaim his gospel as expressed in the messages of the three angels, and to prepare them for the imminent return of Jesus.

Mary Joyce Cruz, VOY Ignite team member who served as the children’s program coordinator, commented, “It has been a rewarding experience for me to be part of the VOY team. I experienced how God is faithful to me and helps me grow spiritually.

Cruz said that she witnessed how lucky she is to know and live in the truth. “[I know] God wants to use me to share the spiritual gifts he has bestowed on me with others, ”she said. “Soon a new church will arise where the newly baptized people of the Dumagat tribe will continue to learn more about God and spread his message of hope.”

Testifying to the effectiveness of VOY Ignite, Alfredo Selin, a youth advisor from the region, explained that being among the young people was “a life changing experience” for everyone involved. “I believe that when we form and train young people with fervor, they can achieve the best in the work of God. This is what I experienced when I got personally involved in the evangelism of VOY Ignite. And now we can see the fruit of their labors, ”he said.

Mary Mae Ke-e, another member of the VOY Ignite team, who served as general coordinator, said she was “thrilled” with the groundbreaking ceremony. “The fact that we are now able to plant a church shows that God has His perfect ways, in His perfect time. “

Regional church leaders have said that God is opening up tremendous opportunities to reach out to people “who are thirsty and hungry for his words” despite the challenges resulting from COVID-19. “Pray that this humble and concerted effort by members of our care group, church leaders and the VOY Ignite team will continue and that construction of the house of worship will be completed soon,” they said. .

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