AEW Dan Lambert experiment has been a failure so far


Professional wrestling and mixed martial arts will be forever linked in the future. In the 1990s, before MMA and UFC took over the world, professional wrestling fans from time to time looked to the world of boxing, hoping for a box office crossover. WrestleMania 14 is fondly remembered as the event ushered in the era of attitude and catapulted Steve Austin to the top of the business. However, the sight of Mike Tyson, the meanest man on the planet at the time, turning off Shawn Michaels’ lights in one fell swoop is on par with some of the greatest moments in wrestling history. professional. Austin was the star that night, but Mike Tyson was billed as the special attraction, and his presence made the show even bigger.


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Sadly, boxing would then suffer a decline for an array of reasons, but as the sport imploded from within, MMA entered the culture of combat sports. MMA was much more dynamic and with punches, elbows, kicks, suplexes and wrestling holds, and the new sport resonated a lot more with professional wrestling fans than boxing.

American Top Team founder is a lifelong wrestling fan

Over the years, MMA superstars such as Ronda Rousey, Matt Riddle, and Cain Velasquez have entered the square circle of extended programming, but wrestling fans always crave something more. Something more chaotic than just head-to-head matches. Fans wanted an invasion from the other side and a wrestling fan named Dan Lambert in Miami, Florida was only too happy to grant that wish.

Dan Lambert founded American Top Team in 2001 and MMA Gymnasium is widely recognized as one of the best gyms in the world. ATT is currently home to UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira and greatest fighter of all time, two-time UFC champion Amanda Nunes. However, despite his gymnasium’s success in the MMA arena, Lambert never forgot his love for professional wrestling and when AEW opened its door, Lambert and ATT became important parts of the program.

Lambert made his debut in July and after hitting the barricade and voicing his opinions on the current product, the owner of ATT got people talking and hated his guts. The man put on a terrific promo on day one and generated massive heel heat, and with Jorge Masvidal and Amanda Nunes at ringside, viewers were excited at the prospect of an MMA gym swarming AEW.

Jorge Masvidal versus.  Ben Askren UFC 239

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Fast forward a few months, and Dan Lambert’s experience left viewers scratching their heads. The idea was simple and the execution didn’t need too much complexity or accumulation. But AEW’s handling of the storyline became questionable as in the first two months Lambert only blew fans and the company up and down again and again and the story didn’t progress any further.

Lambert’s character looked like a parody of the legendary critic, Jim Cornette, and he stuck to the concept a bit too much. The angle works as long as Lambert places his team of MMA fighters as senior fighters, and although he has on occasion, once he starts talking about booking decisions and spotting monkeys, the story has derailed.

Another debacle to report, the recruitment of Men of the Year in the stable managed by Lambert, but that’s another matter. Ethan Page is the last guy on the list who needs a spokesperson to publicize him and his association with Lambert makes no sense, even though Page has a background in martial arts. And of all the factions ATT could feud with, Lambert set his sights on the Inner Circle. And while that does make a bit of sense, considering Hager is an active Bellator heavyweight, the Inner Circle is past its expiration date, and a program with ATT is a terrible endnote.

The angle dragged too long

Plus, MMA fighters barely stand out from the regular wrestlers on the list. Lambert has emphasized that his team are a trained bunch of killers, but ATT has yet to demonstrate their superiority in combat worthy of the vaunted skilled killers.

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Junior Dos Santos’ expected first game ended in a dusty finish, with interference from Paige and Masvidal giving ATT the victory. Junior Dos Santo’s first game ended in controversy instead of seeing the former champion hovering over the unconscious bodies of his enemies.

junior dos-santos-dan-lambert-aew

Dos Santos is clearly out of his prime in combat and was released from the UFC in the midst of a four-fight slippage, but the former UFC champion can still knock out a rhino with one hit and is still capable. to be a towering figure – a knockout artist with the touch of death in his fists. But AEW booked him and the other MMA fighters as nothing special to see in a wrestling ring.

Slow progression, uninspired reservation, and constant kayfabe mayhem stalled what should have been an incredible invading angel. The owner of ATT has an undeniable passion for the world of professional wrestling and a team of well-known MMA and AEW superstars should have capitalized on the potential months ago.

Tony KHan Bray Wyatt
AEW intended to bring in Bray Wyatt [Report]

According to a report, AEW had recently planned to bring in former WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt. Its 90-day non-compete clause expired on October 29.

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