Art and culture bring people together: Fakir Syed Aijazuddin


History and geography may separate us, but culture and art bring us together, said Fakir Syed Aijazuddin, renowned art connoisseur and former principal of Aitchison College, Lahore.

He was delivering UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh’s memorial lecture on Saturday on “South Asian Art in Pakistani Collections: Public and Private”, organized by the South Asia Foundation and the Asian College of Journalism, here. The lecture was given on an online platform.

In his speech, Mr. Aijazuddin highlighted works that have aroused particular interest and deserve worldwide attention from museums whose collections have great South Asian significance. “Many of these works have been fundamentally researched and reflect the diversity of cultures that reflect the DNA of modern Pakistan,” he added. Diving into the history of the establishment of the National Museum of Pakistan, he also talked about the collections there, as well as the Peshawar Museum, the Taxila Museum and the Mohatta Palace Museum.

“All the objects I’ve talked about are models of perfection, each in its own style and in its own way. It might be physically located in cities in Pakistan, but belongs to all of us and is the best example of our common South Asian heritage,” he said.

Mr Aijazuddin said he had benefited from his association with UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh and said he had always admired her stoic courage, tenacity and marveled at her determination to see beyond the inhibiting screens of political and religious prejudice.

Speaking about the creation of the Foundation and the vision of its Founder Madanjeet Singh, N. Ram, President of MSF, said his goal was to support opportunities for young people from SAARC countries to come together in an institution recognized designated in another country. . “Madanjeet Singh has done a lot to improve relations between South Asian countries and the foundation he established is very important in this regard,” he said.

Mani Shankar Aiyar, President, SAF India Chapter, France Marquet, Senior Administrator, MSF also spoke at the virtual event.


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