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The Btstander bank loan can range from € 1,000 to as much as € 60,000 and can be increased if the income is equal.

More and more consumers are turning to loans to finance travel, furniture or real estate. With providers like the Btstander Bank, they can either use traditional installment credit to ensure financial freedom, or they can opt for a dedicated loan such as a car loan to afford a new car on attractive terms. We took a close look at the Btstander bank loan and tell you what is behind it, how to apply for it and how flexible it can be used in everyday life.

  • The Btstander bank loan can amount to up to 60,000 euros
  • It is offered a installment loan, as well as loans for cars, motorcycles or caravans
  • The annual percentage rate starts at 7.98 percent
  • If the necessary income is guaranteed, the loan can also be increased

Btstander Consumer Bank has its price: An effective annual interest from 7.98 percent, which is defined by maturity and credit rating, must be paid by the customer to the company for the provision of a loan.

In addition to the regular installment loan, Btstander Consumer Bank has a number of other financing products to offer. These include primarily loans that are specifically designed to finance a car, motorcycle or motorhome. These loans are all based on the terms of the regular installment loan and are only partially adapted to the purpose in some areas – for example, the maximum term for financing a motorhome is not 96 months, but instead up to 120 months. In addition, however, customers can also choose between different additional offers, for example by ensuring a high degree of flexibility by adjusting the monthly rates. In addition to the credit of Btstander Consumer Bank, the company also offers a practical disposition account with a credit between 3,000 € and 30,000 € and an optional residual debt insurance, which can be added to the offer at the conclusion of a loan.

Btstander Consumer Bank’s loan offer consists of an installment loan, a car loan, a motorbike loan and a loan to finance a motorhome. In addition, a disposition account with a credit balance of between 3,000 and 30,000 euros and an optional residual debt insurance are also offered. The loan offer of the Btstander Consumer Bank is basically based on the installment loan, which is characterized by a credit line of between € 1,000 and € 60,000, which can be paid off at an effective interest rate of 7.98 percent over a period of between 12 and 96 months. In order to ensure the highest possible effectiveness, the conditions were adapted to the intended use.The motorcycle loan at a glance

Customers can also finance their motorcycle with Btstander Consumer Bank

apply for a Btstander Bank loan, you must first meet the appropriate requirements. This means they have to bring sufficient pension or labor income and must not show a negative Schufa entry. If these requirements are met, you must first determine your preferred loan using the loan calculator and request the loan documents by clicking on “Apply now” or “Calculate offer”. As a result, you only need to enter some personal details in an online form before you can receive all the required documents by mail.

Once the documents have arrived, you must first sign your loan application and return it to the company along with the required documents. These documents include the following:

  • Copies of the last three earnings certificates
  • Documentation including account statement with possible additional income
  • Signed loan agreement
  • PostIdent coupon for the PostIdent procedure

consumer tips As soon as you submit your documents to Swiss Post, you will simultaneously go through the PostIdent process, which serves to legitimize you. Be sure to bring your identity card or passport with you to confirm the identity of the postal worker. Finally, the desired amount of money is transferred to the specified account, after which the customer can take his credit directly.

It is not difficult to open a loan with Btstander Bank. Just make sure in advance that you do not bring a negative Schufa entry, but instead bring a stable work or pension income. You can then use Btstander Bank Internet Banking to calculate your preferred loan and request a quote. Finally, provide some personal information and wait for the required documentation. Once these documents are in place, submit the signed credit agreement along with proof of earnings to the nearest post office, where you will need to go through the PostIdent process before your credit can finally be credited to you. The loan calculator of Santander Consumer Bank

Customers must first calculate their credit in the loan calculator

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increase in the loan is a sufficient working or retirement income. If you also want to make sure that you can also adjust your installments or the term of the loan within the term, you should decide in advance for a corresponding financing product.

You can choose between budget financing and AutoFlex. Basically, these products, which allow rate adjustments and special repayments, are available only for car, motorbike or RV loans. However, if you want to secure a particularly high level of flexibility with your installment loan, you should contact the customer support of the company and inquire about the available options. For this, customers can contact the support by mail or by phone.

The Btstander bank loan can be increased if the client brings a corresponding working or pension income. If the borrower also wants to ensure a higher degree of flexibility, he may be able to use the budget financing or AutoFlex. However, as these financing products are basically tied to auto, motorbike or motorhome loans, the customer should contact the support of Btstander Bank by telephone or by mail in advance to ensure problem resolution. Contact options at a glance

For questions, customers need to contact support

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