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Gonzalo Beloso officially presented his candidacy for the presidency of Rosario Central in the elections to be held in October. The former goalscorer, who also serves as a strategic figure for FIFA in South America today, stood in front of the members of Raza Canalla (his group) and with a very special bench. Because in this public version club icons like Miguel Angel Russo, Vitamin Sanchez, Paulo Ferrari, Colorado Lusenhoff, Chelito Delgado and more.

Central is going through moments of great instability and coaching changes, he is still riding the wave with Carlos Tevez. And Beloso, who is a fan of the club, decided to embark on this adventure as a manager: “I am doing this because I feel that once and for all we have a way to strengthen Central. A solid structure must be created. Because I see the situation and as a fan I suffer from it,” he said.

They asked him about Tevez’s status as president in a win-win situation and he replied: “He’s taking his first step, and as footballers we’re going to respect that. We’re going to have Tevez for the party. And we thank him for the joy he has given us. After winning the Classic, which we are used to, but it’s new for him”.

Beloso, presidential candidate.

And he talked about what he expects from Central: “Institutionalization is the most important thing, there must be a sound administration in a job or in a company with an economic project. We have the best inferiors in the country and we are them. Will resume again. Leaders are there to command the club and give other members the tools they need to grow.

Regarding the presence of historical figures in his presentation, he said he does not know if they will be part of this project or not. And he mentioned two proper names, “although the idea here is not to use someone politically”. Of recently retired Marco Ruben, he said: “We were having a barbecue out of friendship. The important thing is that he is at the club he is with.

The highlight is Angel Di Maria, who signed with Juventus and with whom he has a long friendship. Beloso knows he will soon enter Central: “I think he will come in June next year, but we shouldn’t rush or make promises like that. We just have to build a structure so that when I come, may it bring us everything you know.

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