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Vampires. They’re everywhere in fiction, and they’re almost as immortal in real life as they are in their stories. Just when people think these bloodsuckers are dead, there will be a new series, movie, book, or other media that brings them back. The 1980s had Anne Rice novels, the 1990s had buffy the vampire slayerand the 2000s had Dusk.

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They’re usually pretty familiar too. They are either charming but deadly aristocrats, misunderstood undead, or mindless monsters. Some might even be all three at once. However, some series aim to do something different with vampires, and anime call of the night had something different in mind when he introduced Nazuna Nanakusa to the public.


5 She’s a vampire, not a femme fatale

Some of the most famous vampires have stood out for their charm. It sounds odd, but their more human-like appearance and offer them a thrill with their dangers have charmed audiences as well as their in-universe prey. It works if they’re the tortured kind who need sympathy like Angel in buffyor downright overwhelmingly powerful sociopaths like Dio Brando in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

At first, it looks like Nazuna would follow this trope, as she invites call of the nightthe protagonist of Kō Yamori for a night on the town. She offers him lodging and feeds on him. But Kō lives to tell the tale and doesn’t get turned around. On the contrary, Nazuna is embarrassed to get caught. She needed blood, but she also really wanted to cheer Kō up. Pleasure and friendship are more important to her than the thrill.

4 It’s not serious

Nazuna is quite flippant about being a “night walker”. She’s not shouting it from the rooftops, but if anyone needs to know her contract as a vampire, she’ll share the facts with them. It’s pretty familiar ground: they feed on humans for blood to survive, and they’re exceptionally sensitive to sunlight (but it doesn’t kill them). They are super strong, super fast, can fly, slow aging, heal wounds quickly, etc.

A unique feature of call of the night‘s vampires is that many of their powers and vulnerabilities come from their emotions. If they come into contact with an object or figure that was important to them as humans, that emotional connection could reflect back and kill them. Nazuna was born a vampire, so she’s apparently immune to it. Even if it has other weak points.

3 His whims

With such a tradition, one wouldn’t blame Nazuna for having a little drink now and then. She loves beer and often has a drink to calm her nerves. Although she’s already quite laid back around people and happy to befriend the most anti-vampire ones, alcohol can really loosen her inhibitions.

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For example, she does not hesitate to make rude jokes. She will taunt Kō and the others, or tease them in a sly and somewhat sexual way. Anything to make them blush and cringe. If it’s a laughing matter, she’ll go for it, and twice as much after drinking a few pints.

2 Blood sucking is serious business

The only drink she doesn’t dare binge on is blood. Other vampires in media would let go of their humanity and wipe out a person all at once. Or they would try to hold on to any lingering parts of their old selves by avoiding humans altogether and getting blood elsewhere. In call of the nightNazuna’s supply comes from a deal she makes with Kō.

The series treats blood consumption as a no frills thing. The advantage is to allow someone to participate in the plasma. As long as everyone is okay and clean, then there’s no problem. However, the heart eventually gets involved and not just in pumping the substance through the arteries. Kō becomes jealous when Nazuna reveals that she has been feeding on other random people. Afterwards, she becomes equally envious when Kō is also fed by others. Although she would like to say that it’s just a physical arrangement, that she’s just after what’s in her body, there’s more to it.

1 What’s love got to do with it?

Nazuna did too well to show Kō how exciting being a night owl can be. Tired of his human life, Kō becomes driven to join his ranks as a vampire. But it takes more than being fed once. He must fall in love with Nazuna and then feed himself to become like her. This would be good for Nazuna, as it involves Kō spending more time with her and providing blood regularly. It’s not often that a human chases a vampire.

But talk of love and romance thrills Nazuna more than any crucifix or sacred ritual. She prefers to keep things casual with no strings attached. Largely because talking about love makes her blush and feel uneasy. Additionally, if a vampire falls in love with its recipient, the human dies. Thus, Nazuna must avoid reciprocating Kō’s feelings or she might accidentally kill him. If it were aromantic, it would be quite simple. Instead, his emotions are as complicated as his vampiric nature.

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