Celebrities reveal their favorite Christmas movies: Gary Barlow, Christine Lampard, Ralf Little, Lorraine Kelly and more


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Christmas is here and there are a few things we can’t imagine this time of year without: family, food, and of course spending much-needed time in front of our TVs with the aforementioned family and food.

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But if you’re looking for inspiration on what to look out for while on vacation – in between all new exciting TV content, of course – we’ve got you covered. For our Christmas digital number edited by guests Martine McCutcheon, we asked 15 famous faces what their favorite party movies were. Discover them below …

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Martine mccutcheon

Our guest editor of the digital Christmas issue Martine mccutcheon perhaps best known for starring in the 2004 film Love in fact but you’ll find her watching these two very different Christmas classics every December. “My favorite Christmas movie… I have two. One is, It’s a wonderful life, just because I think it shows the light and shade that Christmas can emotionally bring to people. And it gives you hope that sometimes all the things you thought you wanted, you had them all along. And that comes down to the basics, ”she said. SALVATION!.


Martine’s favorite movie is It’s a wonderful life

“And the other is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I love the Griswold, Chevy Chase, he who gets stuck in the loft with the turban, watching the old movies. The grandmother, the falling grandfather’s wig. I scream with laughter, few people understand. Few people have this humor. But the one who turns those lights on in this house is my husband.

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Dan Walker

BBC breakfast host Dan Walker has been busy in recent weeks due to his time in the Strictly ballroom, but let’s hope he finds time to watch his two favorite party movies before the end of the year. “It’s a mix between Elf and Die hard,” he said.


Are you a fan of Elf?

Christine lampard

tv star Christine lampard can’t decide which one is her favorite, but she has a top three that she likes to rotate throughout December. “I love Christmas movies,” she says. “I know it’s a cliché but Elf must be in the top three. As well National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I love Chevy Chase and this is one of my favorite movies of all time! I also like the old school Santa one with Dudley Moore in it. “There’s also one movie that’s firmly on her no-watch list.” I can’t watch The Snowman, it traumatized me when I was a kid! “


There’s a Christmas movie Christine Lampard won’t watch

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage, set to return to screens on New Years Eve for new Netflix thriller Stay close, likes to sit on the sofa with an 80s classic, Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. “It’s not a Christmas movie, is it, but if it is, I’ll watch it, and it’s usually Christmas Day.”


Richard Armitage loves to see again Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Jade Ewen

Former Sugababes singer and Netflix star Jade Ewen loves a party romantic comedy but said she loves digging it up too Harry potter DVD during the holidays. She said: “A classic is always Vacations with Cameron Diaz. I like to get this out early but I also like to watch Harry potter at Christmas. I don’t know if that matters ?! Even though it’s not specifically set for Christmas, it makes me feel so comfortable! “


Jade Ewen loves to see the Harry potter movies during vacation

Joel Dommett

Actor and presenter Joel Dommett it is a great romantic one would say! When asked which movie he likes to watch each year, he replied, “My favorite Christmas movie is Vacations. Obviously. It’s the best.”


Vacations is sure to melt even the coldest of hearts

Gary Barlow

It’s a wonderful life is often considered the best Christmas movie of all time, and for good reason! The timeless classic is also a favorite among at Gary Barlow household, the singer citing it as his favorite.


Gary Barlow also likes It’s a wonderful life

Bobby yuck

strange eye amounts to Netflix for its highly anticipated fifth season on New Years Eve and so you can bet we’ll be spending the holidays laughing at all the old episodes. The show’s interior design expert, Bobby Berk, will be snuggled up on his sofa watching his White christmas, which he says he enjoys watching most of the years because he loves both Bing Crosby and the music it contains.

White christmas

Have you seen White christmas?

Stephen mcgann

Viewers were able to catch Call the midwife star Stephen McGann on their own screens every Christmas for the past nine years, but the actor has preferred to look to something a little lighter for his holiday viewing. ” I really like Elf. I’ve seen this a lot of time. This is the one I love to watch the most. “


Stephen McGann likes to stay Elf during the end of year celebrations

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Molly Mae The Hague

For Island of love star and influencer Molly Mae The Hague, you can’t go wrong with Love in fact and we strongly agree. “I like Love in fact“she said.” I’m not that crazy at Christmas, but spending time with family is so important to me. “

love in fact

Love in fact is a festive classic

Jacques Martin

Tired of the same old party movies every year? Why not take inspiration from the famous chef Jacques Martin who likes to opt for a “feel-good” film like Alice in Wonderland during the holidays. “It never gets old. It’s a classic,” he said of the 1951 Disney animated film. “There is obviously a newer version too, but the classics will always be the classics. C it’s good to make a movie like that. “


James Martin’s Favorite Christmas Movie To Watch Is Quite Unexpected

Ralf Small

Death in paradise Star Ralf Small will start a bit of a debate with this one! “Die hard!he said enthusiastically when asked. “Best Christmas movie ever, don’t ‘@’ me. It was controversial, but now people are like, “Yeah, this is kind of a Christmas movie, it’s great.” My mom has the most hilarious taste in movies, basically anything with Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis, she says, ‘Yeah, let’s watch that!’ “

pure and hard

Do you think Die hard is a Christmas movie?

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Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly says she “could go on and on” on her many favorite movies to watch this time of year, but reveals her favorite is It’s a wonderful life“It’s actually a pretty dark movie, but it’s about redemption and I love that there’s a little angel in it!” ” she says. “It would be my favorite! I also like Elf, for fun. And Scrooge with Albert Finney, the musical… ”


Lorraine Kelly has some favorites

Ben miller

Think you like Christmas movies? Well, probably not as much as Bridgerton Star Ben miller who told us he was watching his favorite, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation “every year, seven times”. “It’s so amazing. If anyone has a hard time figuring out what movie I’m talking about, it’s the one where Chevy Chase adorns their whole house with Christmas decorations and basically blows all the power out trying to put them on. It’s awesome. “


Ben Miller’s favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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Jasmine harman

Mom with two kids and daytime TV star Jasmine harman loves to sit on the sofa to listen to this new family classic! “My favorite Christmas movie is the adaptation of Julia Donaldson stick man. It brings tears to my eyes every time, ”she says.


Jasmine Harman likes to watch stick man with his children

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