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Children and their families were able to experience Messy Church on Saturday at First Presbyterian Church in Elizabethtown.

This was about the sixth time the church has held the event and according to the Rev. Chelsea G. Benham, the church holds the event every two months. The next one is April 23.

The concept came from the UK and Benham said it’s something churches around the world are doing.

“It’s an intergenerational, interactive worship experience,” she said.

The idea is that it will be a hands-on learning about God and faith, she said.

On Saturday, various activities were offered in connection with the theme of the day. There was a moment of celebration including a Bible story, prayers and songs for the younger ones. They were also going to have lunch.

Each activity table had activities to help connect with the Bible story theme.

“They learn the love of God by doing a job, not just doing a job for fun,” Benham said.

She said everyone is welcome and you don’t have to be a member of First Presbyterian or a local church.

“We’re having fun for the community,” she says.

She said the families who participated seem to be having fun and have several each time and others were there for the first time.

Hannah Jackson came to Messy Church for the first time with her family. His mother saw him on Facebook and the children wanted to come. She was there with her two children and a niece and a nephew.

She wasn’t sure if it would be as fun or if the kids would like it, but she said they were having fun.

“It allows them to get out of the house to have fun together and bring people together at church too,” she said, adding that they would likely return. “It’s pretty cool here.”

Jackson said she was never on the Pear Orchard Road side and didn’t know the church was there. She attends the Southeast Christian Church.

She said her daughter, Adelynn, loves making art and she said she talks about Jesus all the time.

“I like to paint and make it blue,” Adelynn said of painting a rock.

She had never painted a rock before and thought it was fun. She said she was combing it to leave it somewhere for someone to find.

“We bury them and people can find them and try to bring them hope,” she said, also adding that whoever found it would likely be surprised.

She will try to look for rocks now that she knows people are hiding. She will bury the one she was painting in the sand at a spot near where she buried a slug she found dead.

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