Doctor Who Theory associates Bel’s story with the timeless child


Doctor Who: Flux has been a wild ride through space-time, although it’s unclear how Bel and Vinder fit into the story. A theory might have an answer.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doctor Who: Flux, “Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux,” which aired Sunday, November 28 on the BBC.

Doctor Who: Flux was an epic journey through time and space colliding on a massive scale. The penultimate episode of the series, “Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux,” revealed not only what Flux is, but also why it happened. After many separate lives, the doctor was reunited with his adoptive mother, Tecteun, who is also the division head. During her brief conversation with Tecteun, the Doctor learns that everything the Master told her about her missing past is true and that she is, in fact, the Timeless Child that Tecteun brought back to Gallifrey to raise her. like his. And that’s not all she learns.

With the Doctor feeling that her life (not just her DNA) has been stolen from her, she also wonders if she was really abandoned by her birth parents. After all, Tecteun was the one to assume she had been abandoned at the end of a wormhole. As far as they knew, she might have been waiting for her parents to go through that wormhole, or they might have temporarily left her there for reasons unknown. While Tecteun assumes that the Doctor may have been from a parallel universe, it is just as likely that she was from the same universe as Tecteun and that she was in fact meant to travel through the wormhole with her. parents in a different world. The best proof of this theory? With Flux affecting all space and time, it’s likely her parents were trying to escape the Flux with her, which could be where Bel and Inston-Vee Vinder fit into the story.

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Jacob Anderson as Vinder in Doctor Who: Flux

Doctor Who: Flux, “Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux” revealed that the Division created the Flux to destroy their home universe. They did so because the Doctor herself has created various “disruptions” with her adventures through time and space by inspiring humans and alien species to stand up for themselves and what they believe in. Since the Division’s self-proclaimed role was to “guide” the history of the developing world in “the right direction,” the Doctor’s actions risked exposing their illegal activities for what they really were. In addition to the Division launching their attack on the Doctor, the Ravagers Swarm and Azure have also planned their own attack: one that seeks to destroy both the Division and the Doctor by letting time run out.

All along Doctor Who: Flux, The actions of The Division and the Ravagers have impacted the lives of various people in the Doctor’s life past, present and future. These people include his current companions, Yasmin “Yaz” Khan and Dan Lewis, his allies in UNIT, a woman named Claire Brown, Bel and Inston-Vee Vinder. Among those affected, it was never revealed how Bel and Vinder fit into the Doctor’s timeline, although their storyline strongly suggests that they are the Doctor’s biological parents. This possibility is discussed in “Chapter Three: Once Upon a Time”, when it is revealed that Vinder knows what a TARDIS is and that his life partner, Bel, is running away from the Flux while pregnant with their. child.

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Thaddea Graham as Bel in Doctor Who: Flux

Like the story of Bel and Vinder in Doctor Who unfolded, it was gradually revealed that they had a lot in common with the Doctor. One trait the three individuals share is a strong moral compass. Prior to being reassigned to the Rose Observation Outpost, Vinder was originally a high-ranking officer who served under a political figure known only as the Great Serpent. Despite being highly respected among his superiors, Vinder quickly learned that the Great Serpent was a corrupt character who was ready to murder the families of his detractors and break the laws of their planet as a means to his ends. None of this suited Vinder, who sacrificed his own life and career to report the illegal actions of the Great Serpent. It should also not be forgotten that the observation outpost to which he was assigned has a name in common with the Doctor’s former companion, Rose Tyler, who is also the Bad Wolf who appears in cosmic cataclysms.

Like Vinder, Bel is also a fighter with a strong moral compass. While fleeing the Flux, Bel encounters Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, and a strange blue swarm that destroys the Flux survivors. She is also shown to be not powerless against these dangerous enemies, as she manages to outsmart and neutralize them with the same level of confidence and sarcasm as the Doctor. Asked by an incompetent Cyberman what her mission is, Bel states that she is motivated by love for her partner and their unborn child, and wants to reunite her family. She even steals a Lupari ship to aid her in this objective since she is aware of the ability of Lupari ships to resist the Flux. This is no different from The Doctor, who also tends to be driven by his love for his companions with a history of falling in love with at least two of them: Rose Tyler in her 10th incarnation and Dr. Grace. Holloway in his eighth incarnation. Even in his 13th incarnation, the Doctor is still driven by his love for his companions and the desire to save their universe.

One final detail about Bel that stands out is that even with a laser focus on reuniting with Vinder, she is still determined to save others from harm. This is especially important in “Chapter Four: Village of Angels”, where she does everything she can to prevent a man from being captured inside a passenger ship by Azure. It’s something the Doctor does all the time when she meets new people on her adventures. Given the strong parallelism that exists between the Doctor, Bel and Vinder, the events of Doctor Who: Flux could end up solidifying a new origin story for the Doctor. If she turns out to be their child born during the Flux, the Flux itself could end up being the source of her regenerative abilities. This would, ironically, still make Tecteun a crucial part of his origin story, as the latter is responsible for triggering the Flux which the Ravagers then harnessed to create chaos across time and space.

To find out if Bel and Vinder are the Doctor’s parents, the season finale of Doctor Who: Flux airs Sunday on BBC One.

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