Elite Season 5 Finale Shocker: Are They Really Dead?


Rest in peace, dear, if you are truly dead.

With Elite’s sadistic track record of killing main characters, I shouldn’t have been surprised by this season’s killing blow, but it floored me, so much so that I’m not sure it was. fatal, after all. Bodybag, or it didn’t happen, right?

Spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched, continue at your own risk.

I have two theories: Samuel is dead, the cliffhanger cleverly employed to compel us to watch season 6 (not that we wouldn’t anyway) or Samuel is on the verge of death, will live and leave Las Encinas for good. good, Itzan Escamilla coming out of the show.

The latter would be preferable.

Samuel endured far too long to die poolside from a head injury. However, this way of dying is eerily similar to that of her Season 1 lover, Marina, so it could be a complete loop of her storyline.

He fell in love with a girl. She collapsed near a swimming pool, bludgeoned and bloody. He then falls in love with the idea of ​​a father, who does to him what Polo did to Marina, without the trophy and replacing the precious watch with a SIM card.

Samuel at auction -- Elite

Marina and Samuel stood up and attempted to stumble, disoriented, before collapsing again to be held by their loved ones. It can’t be a coincidence. Rewatch Marina’s moving death scene and you’ll know what I mean.

Samuel never falls in love with the right people. (Never fell? Assume he is alive until proven dead.)

They all cheat, lie, leave, die, or some deadly combination of all four. He is a good boy who is unlucky and tends to get drawn into shady deals to protect the people he loves.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot more evidence supporting Samuel’s death than his delusion. For one, the dark song that played over the last five minutes of the episode, “We Might Be Dead by Tomorrow” by Soko.

Omar and Rebe are crying -- Elite

This song provided another parallel to Marina’s death scene, during which Matt Maltese sang “I Hear the Day Has Come” in the background, an equally haunting song that might as well spell the end.

The lyrics, “Because soon we will die”, were on a bleak loop as Omar and Rebeka turned to look behind them one last time, hinting not only that the wound Samuel suffered was fatal, but that Omar and Rebeka could say goodbye to Las Encinas as well, with Omar Shanaa and Claudia Salas making their own departures.

Given that Samuel and Omar are the only original cast members, it would certainly be poetic to free the couple together, although Samuel gets the short end of the freedom stick.

If that’s the end of the line for them, I wish their friendship could have been shined in a brighter light this season, with fewer fights and more laughs like the good old days.

Elite is starting to look like Grey’s Anatomy, with newcomers replacing OGs at a rapid pace, which can be a tough pill to swallow.

Luckily, most newcomers spice up their early seasons, growing pretty quickly on me — not counting Phillipe. I was hoping that Phillipe would be the victim of this season.

The large rift formed between Benjamin’s family and Samuel’s found family further indicates Samuel’s death and Rebeka and Omar’s departure.

In the revealing closing sequence, Rebeka punched Benjamin in a fit of rage and in defense of Samuel, who she previously considered her best friend.

Rebeka Breaks -- Elite

When Mencia grabbed Rebeka, they shared a look of incalculable intensity that conveyed: that’s it. With wide, distraught eyes, they communicated that they could never be together again.

It was a wordless severance of their connection.

Lines were clearly drawn on the lawn. Patrick and Mencia stood beside their father while Omar and Rebeka knelt beside Samuel. Ari was the last tie to cut. Omar held the fateful scissors like Samuel’s other overprotective best friend. (Clearly with good reason.)

When Ari chose Samuel’s side, Omar pushed her away, forcing Ari to return to his family. There is no coming back from that. After all, the episode is titled Your Side of the World and Mine. It seems Benjamin’s side won.

What’s most frustrating about Samuel’s likely demise is that he could have avoided it.

Dead Samuel -- Elite

If Samuel was less of a compassionate angel worried about ruining Benjamin’s life and the lives of his children, he would have turned the SIM card over to the police the second he acquired it.

He wouldn’t have gone into the lion’s den to listen to Benjamin.

I’m sorry, naive Samu, but what did you think would happen? Benjamin would let you go with your little school backpack and go to the station to incriminate him?

Samuel was just as desperate for Benjamin’s approval as his real children, but nothing is ever enough for Benjamin. Samuel’s faith in him was his downfall, his loyalty to him earned him jail time and a cracked skull.

Yet even after Benjamin broke his promise to release Samuel from prison, Samuel clung to his so-called father figure until Benjamin dashed his false hopes, emphatically stating that he was not the father. of Samuel.

Patrick Bloody - Elite

It’s a good thing because Benjamin is an awful parent and a deplorable human being.

At least Samuel used his “last” words to blame Benjamin.

It may have been an accidental homicide, but if Benjamin had called the ambulance the second Samuel hit his head, Samuel could have made it happen, given that we heard the sirens as Samuel took his last sigh.

Patrick was also at fault. I love him, but he should have called an ambulance instead of his sisters. I understand he was in shock and thought Samuel was already dead, but damn it! Mencia was the only one that made sense.

As the minutes ticked by, I waited anxiously for Samuel’s corpse to be carried away in a body bag or for some irrefutable indication that he was gone, but all we got were tears and grief. rain.

Friendship between Omar and Samuel -- Elite

Show heaven cried more than me because I was in denial.

Even as the credits went on, I was sure Samuel was alive, but now, after drawing comparisons to Marina’s death scene, I’m afraid we’ve lost Samuel. If so, I hope his death is handled appropriately next season and not glossed over.

There’s nothing I hate more than characters bouncing back immediately after tragedy. Perhaps they will erect a memorial to Samuel to remember his happy days.

In my mind, Samuel will go down as the giddy, amorous darling from Season 1 who turned on lights in his bedroom to set the mood for Marina’s arrival.

What do you think? Is this the end for our original cast members? Is Samuel really dead? Let us know in the comments below.

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