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A fire that destroyed Englewood’s historic Antioch Missionary Baptist Church on Good Friday somehow left intact a wall with a mural depicting the ascension of Jesus.

The mural, on an interior wall of the church, appears to have been spared the flames despite several days of burningaccording to the Chicago Fire Department.

“It’s just one of those things,” fire department spokesman Larry Merritt said Tuesday.

The colorful image shows Jesus ascending to heaven, flanked by two angels as his disciples look on.

“While he blessed them, he was separated from them and carried up to heaven” from Luke 24:51 is written above the scene.

Shortly after the Reverend Gerald Dew presided over a Good Friday service on Friday afternoon, this fire tore down the historic structure at 6248 S. Stewart Ave., triggered with a propane torch which was used to work on the roof of the church.

The fire appeared to start in the upper rear part of the church and caused the roof to collapse.

the congregation gathered on sunday at a nearby funeral home for an Easter service.

Afterwards, Dew said the service marked “a new beginning” for the church and even brought new members to the church, and he asked for donations to help with the toll of the fire.

“I saw the resurrection in my lifetime,” he said in an interview at the time. “And this church is going to be bigger and stronger than ever.”


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