Estonia Removes Soviet Monument – and More Art News –


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MOVING. Estonia said it was dismantling a Soviet-era monument outside the town of Narva that honors Soviet soldiers who fought in World War II, the Associated Press reports. “We will not offer Russia the opportunity to use the past to disturb the peace in Estonia,” the country’s prime minister said. Kaja Kallas, said. The PA also has a story about a rare mural that was painted in 1910 in a synagogue in Vermont and nearly lost. A Lithuanian immigrant, artist Ben Zion Black, did the work in his native style for a Burlington synagogue that was turned into apartments in the 1980s. Luckily, the owner of the building agreed to cover it with a wall. Now it has been discovered, restored, and sent to a new synagogue. “When I heard about the mural, what it is and the story behind the artist, I was completely amazed”, Josh PerelmanPhiladelphia’s Chief Curator Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History told the news agency, adding that “there is nothing like it anywhere else in this country”.

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MORE BERLIN. Tuesday, the Berlin Biennale apologized to three Iraqi artists who had objected to his inclusion of a 2013 Jean Jacques Lebel installation that features enlarged versions of the notorious images of abused prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Now, Alex Greenberg reports, these artists decided to withdraw their work from the exhibition, deeming the apology insufficient. Lebel, for his part, said that “the purpose of this project is to provoke the viewer to ponder the consequences of colonialism”.

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This week New York Metropolitan Museum of Art repatriated two looted artifacts from its collection to Nepal: a 13th-century wooden strut and a 10th-century sculpture. [The Art Newspaper]

The architect’s studio Kisho Kurokawa auctions the rights to rebuild iconic Tokyo Nakagin Capsule Tower, designed by Kurokawa. Built in 1972, the modular building is currently being dismantled.

The translator of art books Alice Sedgwick Wohl wrote a new memoir which is, in part, about his sister, Andy Warhol acolyte Edie Sedgwick. Ultimately: thinking about Edie and Andy “is beautiful, if not altogether joyous”, literary criticism Alexandra Jacobs writing. [The New York Times]

For a package in Harper’s Bazaarphotographer John Edmonds hit artists Qualeasha Wood, Oscar yi Hou, Ella Emhof, Jade Fadojutimiand many more. [Harper’s Bazaar]

Billionaire Oracle co-founder and art collector larry ellison has listed an estate in North Palm Beach, Florida, for $145 million, after buying a larger property nearby for $173 million two months ago. Ellison bought the place he’s selling for $80 million last year. [The Wall Street Journal]

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ROW YOUR BOAT. To draw attention to how runoff from chicken factories is polluting the River Wye in Wales, the artist Philippe Chatfield and priest Richard Williams embarked on a kind of performance-protest, carrying a wooden statue of Mary along the river for 75 miles, the Guardian reports. The biblical figure symbolizes “purity, cleanliness and fruitfulness,” Williams told the newspaper. While describing various environmental and religious angles of the project, Chatfield said, “It can mean a lot to a lot of people. If nothing else, it’s a beautiful statue floating on the river. [The Guardian]


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