Everything Worth Doing When Visiting Taos, New Mexico


Taos is a perfect Mexico getaway for tourists and vacationers with too many opportunities to explore. Located in the southwest, it’s a must-visit for anyone, including those interested in biking, hiking, and art gallery shopping. It offers visitors an international ski site and many museums with unlimited possibilities for tourists and vacationers. It is called “the soul of the west” with its many attractive yet enchanting sites and activities for visitors. Here is a list of everything worth doing when visiting Taos, New Mexico.

11 Visit the Taos Pueblo


Taos Pueblo is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site with buildings dating back to the 14th century. The Native American community living here in the old, traditionally built houses is an attraction for exploring culture and history. The residence is not allowed water and electricity to maintain its authenticity as the buildings are captivating adobe structures. The site accommodates around 150 people, and it is open to tourists for a tour around the adobe. Visitors should check the calendar before visiting as it closes in winter.

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9 Explore the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Built in the 1960s, the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge is a site worth exploring for tourists. It has been named one of the ten tallest and most enchanting steel bridges in the country. The location and height of the bridge is what visitors need to find out. The bridge is 1300 feet high, it gives people a stimulating effect from its watch side. The view over the water and the distance to the bottom of the breathtaking gorge is super scenic. He is quite photogenic and has featured in several movies.

8 Visit San Francisco De Asis Church

Built around 200 years ago, the ancient structure is an attraction of its kind. It is worth visiting, especially with its recognition as a historical monument. The church is an integral part of the local people’s faith, and they come together every year to renovate it to maintain its authenticity. Visitors see a glowing painting of Jesus called the Painting of Mystery as it glows in the dark. The painting is kept in a light-controlled room so that views can see it as it glows in the dark.

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seven Snow sports at Ski Valley

Contrary to many people’s assumption that New Mexico is desert and dry, there is a fresh snow wonderland to visit in Taos. The site offers visitors and vacationers a wonderful experience with unlimited facilities and opportunities for snow recreation. The area around Ski Valley is a suitable winter location for snowboarding, mountain tubing, skiing and snowshoeing. The place is also worth visiting in the summer for hot air balloon rides, rock climbing, hiking and golf. The ski valley is located in the Sangre De Cristo Mountains.

6 Visit the Kit Carson Home and Museum

It is a simple structure built in 1825 and named after a famous and fierce Frontiersman, Kit Carson. It has been declared a national monument and houses some of the oldest artefacts in Spanish history and exceptional period objects. Visitors love to explore this place for the famous man’s memorial artifacts and memory hunt. The site showcases his exploits to visitors, including his life as a guide, trapper, and warrior who fought in many battles, including the Civil War.

5 Take a scenic drive on the great roads

A road trip along the 90 miles of Santa Fe will leave visitors and vacationers with the greatest experience of adventure. Starting with enchanting landscapes and landscapes, the winding route offers travelers endless opportunities and resources, including old Spanish villages and historic scenes, not to mention the many breathtaking mountain views all the way to Taos. Visitors feel and experience the most picturesque change of environment and landscape, from dense forest to vast wastelands, high mountain peaks and deep valleys, well-populated rainy slopes and desserts.

4 Wheeler’s Woodpecker

Nature lovers, hikers, and those in need of adventure can’t resist the enchanting views and captivating recreational opportunities offered by New Mexico’s tallest mountain. The place is a sure attraction for all tourists and vacationers in Taos. The high peak offers visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery and landscapes, not to mention the crazy recreational experience of hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. The summit is part of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. Worth doing in Taos.

3 Earthships

Earthships are a fascinating residential invention innovation that showcases eco-friendly living where human beings can coexist harmoniously with nature. It is made up of a collection of recycled waste, including plastic, rubber and glass waste. It’s so quaint and located in a secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist attractions. It contains residences in a sun-scorched area that self-regulates and resists heat while being self-sufficient in collecting water and electricity and generating their food. Tourists can upgrade to one of the houses for the ultimate experience.

2 Millicent Rogers Museum

The Millicent Rogers Museum is the perfect place to visit in Taos for the ultimate experience and a touch of history, culture, and art. This is one of the things to do while vacationing in Taos, Mexico. The museum is popular for its magnificent collection of works of art and artifacts – around 7,000 objects in total. It houses Hispanic and Native American collections with artifacts including jewelry, ceramics, clay, textiles, and captivating figurines. The museum is named after a popular model, heiress and arts, Millicent Rogers.

1 Taos Box Rafting

Taos Box Rafting is an incredible opportunity to test adrenaline levels with the wild whitewater rapids of the Rio Grande Gorge. This is a perfect opportunity for adventure aboard a box raft. Crazy rafting presents rafters with endless landscapes along the twenty-five kilometers of an unforgettable and unforgettable experience. The experience is provided by several tour operators in the city of Taos. Still, it is recommended for experienced rafters as it involves crazy dizzying drops and crazy stunts on rushing water.


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