How to solve the puzzle of the four colored candles


MADiSON has a puzzle in the church where Luca has to place four colored candles in the correct period and under the corresponding table.

While advancing the story in MADISON, Luca will reach a room that has signs for 1951, 1987, and 2022, and they can be used to time travel between eras to solve the colored candles puzzle. There are four candles that must be placed at the end of the mazes in this puzzle depending on their color. Also, the candles each have a specific paint they should be placed under, and it won’t appear until 1951 or 1987.

Before placing the candles, players will need to find all four by researching the different eras. The yellow candle can be found near the entrance to the time travel room on the debris next to the fallen 2022 sign MADISON. Inside the time travel room, the blue candle can be picked up from the pew under the 1951 sign. The red candle can be found in the 1987 version of the church. After entering the church, Luca can go straight and climb the stairs to the bells. The red candle is on the ground near the bells.


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The green candle can be picked up from the 1951 church, but the other three candles must first be found and placed in the mazes. At the final candle location in the game, Luca will need to listen to the woman inside the confessional. Once her confession is complete, the green candle will float between the pews, but it will also spawn the ghost of the woman’s husband, Hans Goring. From then on, he will attack Luca on a loop every time he is in 1951, and players will only have a minute or two before the attack begins. Hans appears and disappears several times before knocking out Luca in MADISON. If players are eliminated, they will start outside the time travel room. The green candle can be picked up after everything else to avoid the ghost for as long as possible.

Where to place each colored candle in MADiSON

MADiSON How to Solve the Four Colored Candles Puzzle Maze Cards

The 1951 and 1987 churches have four colorful labyrinths with paintings at the end. There is only one correct place to place each candle even though they both have possible mazes. The only way to find out which one is correct is to go to the end of the maze and see if the correct painting is there. To determine the right painting, Luca must take pictures of the paintings that are in the hall leading to the bell tower in 1951 and 1987.

The colors of each painting are the same, but the correct maze to solve this puzzle by MADISON will differ between playthroughs. The yellow candle should be placed under the painting of the old man, the red candle under the crucifixion and the blue candle under the painting of Mary. The candles will light when they are in the right place. The layout of each maze can be seen by examining the backs of pamphlets scattered around the church. Each year will have two candles, so after placing the first three, players should know where the green candle goes without having to run and risk getting knocked out by Hans.

Once the yellow, red and blue candles are placed, Luca can travel to 1951 and listen to the woman’s confession. The green candle can then be picked up and quickly placed under the angel painting. Once the fourth candle is placed under the correct paint for that MADISON solution of the puzzle, the bells will ring indicating that Luca must go to the bell tower. In 1987, Luca can recover a key from the bell tower which unlocks the confessional in 1951. A plaque will be revealed reading “Hans Goring: 1951”. Luca can take the “i” from the plaque and place it on the panel in front of Madison Hale’s coffin in 1987. Luca can then take a photo of the coffin to move on to the next puzzle in MADISON.

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MADISON is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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