Joe Baldacci and Democrats in Maine call on Heidi Sampson to resign over Holocaust remarks


August 28 – A group of Democrats in Maine led by State Senator Joe Baldacci of Bangor calls on Republican Representative Heidi Sampson to step down for comparing the governor to the Nazi “angel of death.”

In the letter dated August 27 and signed by 12 members of the Maine House and Senate, Baldacci called Sampson’s remarks “extremely unacceptable and inappropriate.”

Sampson made his remarks earlier this month during a protest outside the State House in Augusta against Governor Janet Mills’ mandate that all healthcare workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. Healthcare workers must already receive a battery of vaccines against mumps, measles, chickenpox and other communicable diseases.

“So we have Josef Mengele and Joseph Goebbels reincarnating here in the state of Maine. I’ll let you figure out who’s in which role but I’ll just say probably the Mengele… You probably have two by the same last on one’s name is the governor. The other is also a Mills, just to connect the dots, ”Alfred’s Republican told the crowd assembled on Aug. 17.

The reference to the other Mills was likely to be the governor’s sister, Dora Anne Mills, who works for the state’s largest health care system, MaineHealth.

Mengele became known as the “Nazi Angel of Death” for his role in selecting concentration camp prisoners to be sent to the gas chambers and for his sadistic medical experiments, including sewing two Roma twins together. . Goebbels was Adolf Hitler’s main propagandist.

“It is a complete disrespect for Holocaust survivors, the Jewish community in general and people who think everywhere. It is a pathetic statement only designed to spark more hatred and more lies,” said Baldacci in the letter.

Baldacci called on her to resign.

Other signatories to his letter are: Deputy Senate Majority Leader Matthea Daughtry of Cumberland, Rep. Kyle Bailey of Gorham, Rep. Genevieve McDonald of Deer Isle, Rep. Kevin O’Connell of Brewer, Rep. Allison Hepler from Woolwich, Representative Melanie Sachs from Freeport, Representative Lynn Copeland from Saco, Representative Ann Matlack from St. George, Representative Suzanne Salisbury from Westbrook, Representative Amy Roeder from Bangor and Representative Barb Wood from Portland.

The New England chapter of the Anti-Defamation League also asked Sampson to apologize for his remarks, calling any comparison of pandemic policies to the Holocaust “offensive, ignorant and incomparable.”

Attempts to reach Sampson on Saturday morning were not immediately successful.


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