Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Is More Than a Wolverine Story


The following contains spoilers for BRZRKR #9, available now from BOOM! Studios.

One of the most interesting aspects of Keanu Reeves BRZRKR The series is how it was originally considered a Wolverine story. As one of the main comic book writers, Reeves lives vicariously as a Weapon X soldier in the form of B, an immortal warrior whom the US government uses as a destroyer.

The project, soon to be a Netflix movie, took a darker turn than usual when a government agent Caldwell launched a scheme to create clones of the mighty warrior. He had B killed and used a government scientist named Diana to siphon the immortal figure’s power as he was reincarnated. In issue #9 (by Reeves, Matt Kindt, Ron Garney, Clem Robins and Bill Crabtree), B returns to wreak havoc on those who used him, making it clear that this story is more similar to that of the Sentinel of the Sun. ‘Avenger than to the X. -Male Wolverine.

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The Sentry (aka Bob Reynolds) has been established as a complicated hero since his introduction in 2000. Since then, Marvel has struggled to master the character, with Brian Michael Bendis even painting him in a biblical light as the Angel of Death. . . The publisher has since adjusted that perspective, instead focusing on the serum that gave him the power of a thousand explosive suns and the dark side of his personality known as the Void.

This evil force turned Reynolds into an evil Superman that Norman Osborn used for Dark Reign, manipulating the powerful yet disturbed figure to destroy New Asgard and rip Ares in half for insubordination. This then led to Sentry becoming a Horseman of the Apocalypse before Knull returned the favor and literally ripped the hero apart during the “King in Black” crossover, releasing his energy into the cosmos.

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This draws a parallel with B, whose meeting with his creator did not go as planned. Instead, he was sent back to Earth to be reborn, with his dark eyes and soulless attitude a recreation of the Void’s takeover of the Sentinel. The immortal warrior then recreated Sentry’s most brutal deeds, tearing Caldwell’s soldiers in two when they tried to contain him. Also, Agent Caldwell is working on a plan similar to Norman Osborn’s.

Caldwell hopes to convince B to let him use the warrior power to help him create the perfect army. However, Diana stands in the way, hating the way the divine figure is manipulated. In a way, she plays the role Lindy, Bob’s wife, played when she constantly advocated on his behalf and served as an anchor force in his troubled mind. In this way, the power struggle that unfolds in the series is a mirror image of the Sentinel’s story, with the fate of the entire world at stake.


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