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  • The story of Purity Wambui is that of weed for grace; she broke all obstacles to overcome the chains of poverty and become an accomplished businesswoman
  • She worked as a housewife for a year and managed to save 10,000 KSh, which she used to start her business in Gikomba.
  • In addition to being a successful businesswoman, she is a happy woman who respects her husband in addition to earning more money than her husband.

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Rich but humble woman are two words to describe Purity Wambui, and yet these two adjectives rarely go together to describe a woman because ideally, society often disapproves of the idea that a woman earns more money than her husband.

Purity Wambui told how she made her fortune in her business in Gikomba. Photo:
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In fact, research from the University of Bath found that married men often become “more and more uncomfortable” when their wives earn more money than they do.

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However, Purity’s Marriage Happiness told a different tale after she opened up to’s Lynn Ngugi on how she juggles between businesswoman, wife and mother.

Purity was born in Meru and from her childhood nothing seemed to be easy. She was born just as her mother had separated from her father and it marked the beginning of a tumultuous childhood.

Her mother started the chang’aa brewing business as she moved in with her grandmother for her elementary school education.

After passing her national primary education exams, she had no one to turn to for secondary education despite her innate desire to continue her education.

“I decided to go to Meru market to buy vegetables and I would sell them by the side of the road. Thanks to this, I managed to collect 1,500 KSh which I used to buy items from. uniform for high school, ”she said.

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The mother-of-three set out to find a sponsor because neither of her parents could accompany her to school and luckily she did.

Her goal, in all of this, was to study and become better than her sisters, who then worked as household helpers to keep their heads above water.

Become a housemaid

However, after graduating from high school, she had neither money nor a sponsor to accompany her in her higher education.

Around this time, she saw an ad in a newspaper for an office looking to employ housewife girls, and she and her sister traveled to Nairobi.

She fondly remembered that she only had a few clothes packed in a paper bag when she first arrived in Nairobi in 2001.

A few days later, she found an employer and she worked for her for a year and she managed to save 10,000 KSh.

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Getting to Gikomba

In 2002, she decided to join her sister who worked in the Gikomba market and her savings gave her a good head start.

Initially, his plan was to earn money to finance his higher education.

“When I got to Gikomba I started to perform better than my sister. I had a way of telling how much a particular shoe is actually worth in each ball and it turned out to be helpful,” she said. .

“In each ball there are different types of shoes, so suppose you bought a ball for 10,000 KSh, you have to figure out how to sell it, make 10,000 KSh and get your profit,” she explained.

His business in the market has grown significantly. She even ventured to Sudan in 2010, but faced the challenge of the language barrier that made doing business impossible.

Everything was fine until 2015, when a fire broke out in Gikomba and she lost money and property worth KSh 3.4 million. However, a silver lining appeared when she met someone she described as a guardian angel.

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The Guardian Angel helped her get back on her feet after the fire, and she earned enough money to even buy land and a house.

She now sells her own balls in her business where she employed a handful of people. She also accompanies many other people, especially women, to find their place in the thrift store business.

Advice for married couples

In addition to being an accomplished businesswoman, Purity likes to think of herself as an accomplished wife and mother; after all, staying in marriage for 18 years is no small feat.

Although she earns more money than her husband, she says respect has always been the glue that binds them together. She understands her place as a wife and so does her husband.

“I mean to women, you can support your men too, but only those who deserve to be supported, my husband deserves it. He supports me and also proud of my accomplishments and not jealous,” she said.

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