Loan rejected – 3 tips on cancellation


The conditions sound good, the application is easy and the money isactually already on the account.

But then comes the refusal. When a Gandalf credit cancellation comes, the fright is great once. But it may well be worthwhile just to inquire here and perhaps still get a loan. The alternative is, of course, to look at another provider. Although the conditions for obtaining a loan from banks are similar, they are not identical.

housing loan of Gandalf . The conditions at the bank are considered particularly favorable. That is precisely why Gandalf is very popular as a lender. However, if a rejection follows the request, it often happens unexpectedly. Many credit seekers are especially helpless if they are not aware of a negative credit score information.

The credit score plays a big role in this case. The institute claims all banks when making a credit request through a customer. It awards per customer a score that says something about the creditworthiness . The higher the credit Score, the higher the likelihood that it will meet its credit obligations. It can be a maximum of 100. But even at under 90 most credit institutions no longer lend to the customer. If this is not sufficient in the eyes of the bank, this can lead to a cancellation of the loan. Interestingly enough, Gandalf may well turn down a loan if the customer has not had any liabilities yet . If no entries can be found in the credit score, then no statement can be made about the creditworthiness – and already the Gandalf loan is rejected.

The query at the credit score by the Gandalf is carried out at each loan application by the bank. If the applicant’s score is too low, this may lead to a rejection of the application. This does not mean that a negative credit score entry must be present. For example, too many 0-percent financings significantly worsen the credit score value.

your own account with Gandalf . Many banks are more likely to make a loan commitment if they can track history on an account . Each bank not only uses the credit score value for a credit decision, but also an internal rating . The more customers use their own banking products, the higher the customer will be in the internal rating.

  • Application with a guarantor Another possibility is to make a loan application with the help of a guarantor. Anyone who does not consider himself a solvent client at the bank will have difficulty getting a loan approval. This can usually be done well with a guarantor. If the guarantor is unequivocally reliable and can prove a good score at the credit score, the chances for a loan approval are significantly better than for a single application. Here, too, the personal conversation with a consultant of Gandalf can be an advantage. The alternative to a guarantor is to file the application with the spouse or partner. Of course, the prerequisite is that he has a sufficiently positive credit rating and a correspondingly high income.

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