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‘Thurifer Angel in a Yellow Tunic’ by Bernhard Strigel (circa 1521/1522). – Image courtesy of Artpugee via ETX Studio

PARIS, January 12 – A rare painting by the German painter Bernhard Strigel will be auctioned on February 4 at Artpaugée. This painting on wood was rediscovered last summer in a private house in the French city of Toulouse.

the Angel in a yellow tunic panel represents an angel holding a censer. This painting is the counterpart of another “thuriferous angel” by Bernhard Strigel, currently in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. These two oak panels were separated at an auction in 1813.

The origins of these two Renaissance masterpieces are still unclear. Art historian Ernst Büchner once confirmed that Bernhard Strigel made them around 1521 and 1522. The German painter was commissioned to decorate the Church of Our Lady in Memmingen, which was dismantled during the Reformation.

Separated for more than 200 years, the two thuriferous angels of Bernhard Strigel reappeared a few years apart. The one currently on display at the Louvre Abu Dhabi reappeared for sale at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris in 2008. The painting auctioned at Artpaugée was gathering dust until last July in a private house in Toulouse.

The Artpaugée auction house was particularly enthusiastic about this find. “The fabulous rediscovery of these extremely rare and exceptional masterpieces is a precious addition to understanding the work of Bernhard Strigel and its important place in the history of the Renaissance”, we can read in the catalog sale of The Thuriferous Angel dressed in a yellow tunic.

This rare angel by Bernhard Strigel will soon go under the hammer during a large auction held in the Carmelite Chapel in Toulouse. It was estimated between 600,000 and 800,000 € (2.8 million RM and 3.8 million RM). – ETX Studio


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