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In an anime centered around a group of teenagers learning how to be superheroes, there are naturally many teachers and mentors to be found. The pro heroes of My hero university are in charge of young AU students, influencing the lives and education of their charges. They teach young aspiring heroes everything they know about the life of heroes and share their invaluable experiences.

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Of course, some mentors are better than others. Some hero work placements and study-work don’t add much value to students, while others fundamentally change their outlook on their whims. It all depends on the mentor, their skills, their personality and their motivation.

ten Endeavor has experience to share, but not a suitable temperament

Strive to frown with flames around him

As the number one new hero, Endeavor may seem like an exciting choice for many students looking for a teacher. Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, and Shoto Todoroki all join his agency for their hero work studies. Unfortunately, Endeavor is not the best teacher. In his youth he is very hard in training his son and Shoto’s childhood is a nightmare.

Later, he changes his mind, but he’s only really interested in Shoto. In his time with Izuku and Katsuki, he shares some important advice with them. The three students learn a lot from Endeavor’s experience as a Pro. It has value despite its less than appropriate temperament.

9 All Might is not really ready to be a teacher

The most emblematic figure of MHA, All Might is the symbol of peace, a legendary hero and a pillar of societal stability. Impressed by Izuku Midoriya’s heroism, he offers Izuku his Quirk, One for All, making the originally boy Quirkless his successor. But All Might isn’t exactly prepared to be a teacher, and the advice he gives Izuku often does more harm than good.

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Izuku is often seriously injured while using Quirk, especially near the start of the anime. To give All Might credit, he makes an effort to improve himself as a teacher and he provides Izuku with a lot of emotional support. He still could have done a little more as Izuku’s mentor.

8 Sir Nighteye guides Mirio Togata on her quest to find a successor to All Might

Sir Nighteye sees the future in My Hero Academia

Izuku Midoriya isn’t the only person who could have inherited One for All. Former All Might sidekick Sir Nighteye discovers UA student Mirio Togata and sees him as the perfect successor. Mirio initially struggles with his wayward Quirk, Permeation, but he becomes an unstoppable force under Nighteye’s tutelage.

Nighteye may have helped Mirio improve for her own sake – or rather for the sake of All Might. Either way, he makes a huge difference in Mirio’s career as a hero. His expertise helps Mirio become the strongest of the Big Three in UA. He’s not as nice to Izuku, whom he treats very badly due to his belief that Izuku doesn’t deserve one for all. His unprofessional behavior with Izuku causes him to lose a lot of points.

seven The best jeanist is unable to reform Katsuki Bakugou

It’s no secret that despite having a great Quirk, Katsuki Bakugou still has a lot to learn before he becomes a full-fledged Pro Hero. His anger issues and aggressive behavior are nothing new, as young Izuku has always been the target of his bullying. The UA Sports Festival attracts a lot of attention here. Viewing Katsuki as a troubled youth, Pro Hero Best Jeanist attempts to take Katsuki under his wing and teach him the value of providing a positive social image.

Despite being a very charismatic individual and apparently having dealt with similar cases before, Jeanist finds himself in a bind with Katsuki. Her explosive temper is simply impossible to tame, and Jeanist’s approach may have been a bit too much for Katsuki to accept. Even so, some of Jeanist’s words stick with Katsuki, and they make a difference. It is later revealed that Katsuki respects the Pro Hero and wants to impress him.

6 Hawks is hard to follow but teaches Fumikage Tokoyami to fly


Katsuki isn’t the only one to have had an unlucky first internship. The Fumikage Tokoyami course is also going badly. The number three Hero Hawks of the day is more interested in finding information about the League of Villains and is far too quick to keep up. But Fumikage perseveres, refusing to give up despite Hawks’ apparent contempt.

Impressed by the student’s potential, Hawks invites Fumikage to return as an intern. It is through the help of Hawks that Fumikage learns to fly, designing the new Super Move Black Fallen Angel. Hawks trusts Fumikage, and Student 1-A ends up saving Hawks’ life when he is attacked by Dabi.

5 Gunhead’s martial arts training serves Ochako Uraraka well

After the UA Sports Festival, Ochako Uraraka is an intern at Gunhead. Her fight with Katsuki Bakugou teaches her that she needs more attack skills. This is a great approach, as his Gunhead martial arts training perfectly complements his Quirk. The hero is an excellent teacher, and Ochako’s new skills shine more than once throughout the anime, including his battles with dangerous villains like Himiko Toga.

4 Ryukyu is affectionate and supportive with his interns

Anime My Hero Academia Nejire with Ryukyu Mentor

On the recommendation of Nejire Hado, member of the Big Three, Ochako and his friend Tsuyu Asui join Ryukyu for their next internships. Ryukyu’s Quirk, Dragon, makes her very fierce, but in reality, she has a very caring demeanor and loves her interns very much, especially Nejire.

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She recognizes Nejire’s talents, encourages his potential and appreciates his contributions. Ochako and Tsuyu also learn a lot from Ryukyu during their time at the agency, their combat skills and teamwork improve rapidly.

3 Gran Torino helps Izuku break through with One For All

Anime My Hero Academia Izuku fights Gran Torino

Izuku may have struggled a lot under All Might’s mentorship, but luckily he finds advice in Gran Torino. The former All Might teacher knows the secret of All for One, and despite his advanced age, he is still a highly skilled and dangerous pro. During his time in Gran Torino, Izuku is able to discover his Full Cowling technique – something that could have avoided serious damage to his hands had he encountered him earlier.

2 Nana Shimura is still a role model for All Might

Smiling Nana Shimura

The seventh user of One for All, Nana Shimura shows sincere faith in Toshinori’s dream of becoming the symbol of peace. She teaches Toshinori to smile, to protect not only people’s lives but also their hearts. She gives her life in combat, securing the escape of All Might and Gran Torino. Even after her death, she remains a holdover within One for All.

She worries about Izuku’s tendency to push herself too hard and maintains that she doesn’t want to burden him with the weight of her own failures. Despite the grief of Tomura Shigaraki’s true identity and fate, she tells Izuku to kill her grandson. Izuku wishes to attempt to save Tomura first, and a tearful Nana promises to support him, alongside the other One for All users.

1 Eraserhead is the most reliable protector in Class 1-A

The head teacher in Class 1-A comes across as a stern taskmaster, especially after threatening to expel his students on the first day. In fact, Eraserhead always has their best interests at heart. He seeks to teach them about the real dangers of heroes’ lives so that tragedies like Oboro Shirakumo’s will never happen again.

It also recognizes the potential of students who are discriminated against because they have no sighted alter. He takes Hitoshi Shinsou under his wing, training the young student in a fighting style similar to his. With Eraserhead’s help, Hitoshi is about to make his dream come true and join the hero course.

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