Midnight Mass Plot Holes and Unanswered Questions


As the Midnight Mass religious conspiracy unfolds, some plot holes arise, so let’s break them down with the show’s unanswered questions.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the entire Midnight Mass, streaming now on Netflix. This article also contains a discussion of self-harm.

by netflix Midnight Mass does well not to complicate its story too much as it focuses on Crockett Island and St. Patrick’s Church. However, the parishioners – around 127 – do not realize that they are being tricked into using Catholicism to convert into vampires. As this happens and the plot unfolds, plot holes arise, so let’s break them down with the series’ unanswered questions.

What is the origin of the vampire in the midnight mass?

A wooden relief shows Monsignor John Pruitt kneeling before the angel.

We know Father Pruitt got lost on a holy pilgrimage to Damascus, when a sandstorm threw him into a temple where the vampire feeds on him and rejuvenates him again. However, although he considers him to be an angel, we do not know if he is a demon. He seems determined to use Christianity to twist people and spread his infection outside of Crockett, so it would have been nice to know if this false prophet was indeed Lucifer, the leader of the fallen angels of heaven.

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Why did Riley only show Erin his proof?


Riley is transformed by Pruitt but he chooses to cremate his body in the sun to scare Erin away. He left his parents a letter telling them their church was bad, but we don’t know why he didn’t show them and the citizens how he burns in the sun. He could also have left a letter for his younger brother, Warren (an altar boy), as they all adhere to Pruitt’s plan. It’s strange that he wants to help Erin alone, when her death in front of everyone would have caused some to fight against the church.

Why didn’t Sarah show Sheriff Hassan better proof?

Midnight Mass - Rahul Kohli at the head of Sheriff Hassan

Sarah is then informed by Erin of the plot as Pruitt poses as Father Paul. However, Sarah, the island doctor, does not convince Sheriff Hassan as he is terrified of investigating white people, being brown and Muslim. But Sarah could have just shown him the blood of her mother, which boils in the sun. It would have prompted him to take a step, as he would have known that the wine was poisoned with vampire blood. Erin could also have corroborated Riley’s death, bringing Riley’s ashes to test.

Why doesn’t anyone notice Mildred getting younger?

Mildred and Father Paul hold dark secret at midnight mass

People there knew Pruitt as he got older, so they should be able to say Paul is younger. They don’t need old newspaper articles to point it out. In addition, Hassan never calls the Archdiocese to confirm Paul’s arrival, which would have proven that he was cheating on them. It’s his job, so it’s really unprofessional. Plus, Paul ages sick Mildred the way he likes her, but no one blinks when she shaves decades and comes to various masses.

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How does Erin cut the angel’s wings?

Erin is ambushed by the vampire in the finale as Hassan assembles a team to burn the nest. She pulls a knife out of a pocket and starts cutting off his wing as it feeds, but the point is, the other wing is sliced ​​off as well. Erin only had one blade and couldn’t change hands with the angel above her, so unless she’s secretly hiding another, she has to teleport the knife from hand to hand. hand.

Why are the devotees so bad in battle?

Father Paul spreads vampirism at midnight mass

When Bev locks them in with the vampire so they can all convert, those who don’t want to simply stay and wait for the binge eating. They should have fled as soon as Bev closed the doors rather than wait. Additionally, Hassan shoots a gun at Bev but turns his back on extremists who want immortality, making it easy for them to overpower him. Finally, when Erin shoots Bev in the parsonage, she doesn’t choose to behead her or burn the body, which is stupid as she knows the tyrant will resurrect.

All seven episodes of Midnight Mass air on Netflix.

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