Moorestown offers $ 540,000 to improve water tanks


MOORESTOWN, NJ – Routine upgrading work on two water reservoirs in Moorestown is expected to begin soon after the introduction of a pair of proposed bond ordinances on Monday evening.

City Council presented a proposed ordinance to set aside $ 170,000, including borrowing $ 161,500 in bonds or notes for preliminary engineer and design expenses for painting and tank upgrades. water from Westfield Road.

He also introduced a draft order to set aside $ 375,000, including borrowing $ 356,250 in bonds or notes for improvements to the North Church Street water reservoir.

Both projects involve routine improvements, such as painting, replacing valves at the bottom of each tank and installing a vent at the top of each tank, said city manager Kevin Aberant.

The North Church Street water reservoir was last painted 15 years ago.

The Westfield water tank was last painted 30 years ago, so the outside and inside of the tank will be painted. That means it needs to be drained first, Aberant said.

When the tank is emptied, there will be a slight drop in water pressure for those served in that area, but this will not be noticeable as they will only get their water from North Church Street in the meantime. , said Aberant.

Both projects were anticipated by the township and included in the capital budget, Aberant said. Public hearings and final votes on each proposal will take place at the October 25 meeting.


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