More than a store: Inside Funko’s “Freddy’s Beach Bash” at WonderCon


Funko is no stranger to being present at major conventions, but their booth at WonderCon in Anaheim is a little different. Branded “Freddy’s Beach Bash,” the booth theme is taken to the next level. The fun starts with large-scale photo opportunities around the perimeter, giving passers-by a chance to interact with Funko at the convention without having to wait in line for anything.

In addition to Funko’s mascot Freddy looking fresh in his camp shirt and sunglasses, WonderCon attendees can catch a wave with a partying sea creature.

The store exit is also a photo opportunity, with fans able to show off their loot from the mouth of a tiki statue.

While attendees line up to check out some event releases, a DJ delivers freebies throughout the beach party. Funko founder Mike Becker was on hand to join in the festivities.

A glass display case outside showcased some of the exciting releases that debuted at WonderCon.

Among the Disney-branded items are a Donald Duck two-pack of the angel and the devil that often appear on his shoulders, a WALL-E figure proudly holding a compacted trash cube, Kronk like an angeland two versions of Funko Soda – Scientist Yzma from The Emperor’s New Routine and Hades from Hercules.

Here’s a look at the Donald Duck figures from the showcase, which are a shared exclusive with Hot Topic. Also seen in this photo is the Yzma Funko Soda Figure, available at

The WALL-E figure is a shared exclusive with, now available for pre-order. From Marvel Lokithe Boostful Loki pop will also be available at Target.

Also on display is a new She-Ra Funko Pop from masters of the universereleased alongside a new Loungefly bag, peacemaker with a shield from the new HBO Max DC series and four characters from The Banana Split from the Funko Soda line, all of which glow under a black light.

Not featured in the storefront, but still available on, is Kronk like an angel. And if beach vibes are your aesthetic, there’s a Freddy’s Beach Bash Tee available both at the stand and online.

Pop Pier was definitely a fun place to hang out during a busy convention. Click here to check out more WonderCon coverage.

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