NGO Andhra accused of “acts of evangelization” loses foreign funding license


Sep 30, 2021 3:09 PM STI

New Delhi [India], September 30 (ANI): The Home Office (MHA) suspended the foreign funding license of an Andhra Pradesh-based Christian missionary NGO, “Harvest India”, for violating the 2010 Law on regulation of foreign contributions (FCRA).
The organization is headed by Bishop Suresh Kumar Kathera, accused of “fraudulently presenting himself” as a Christian bishop and leading an “evangelical” NGO “Harvest India”, as well as raising millions of US citizens. United Kingdom, United Kingdom and other countries.
The organization made the news last year after the Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) filed complaints with the FCRA division of the MHA in April 2020 accusing its activities of violating FCRA rules and published videos of its leader, Suresh Kumar, engaging in proselytizing activities.
The LRPF also claimed to have filed a new complaint with the FCRA division of the MHA in September this year, in which it explained the anti-Indian activities of Harvest India and Bishop Suresh Kathera.
In its letter, LRPF sued Harvest India, accusing it of raising foreign funds through fraudulent misrepresentation and accusing that Harvest India’s foreign contributions between 2017-18 and 2019-20 totaled approximately 19.6 crore rupees which would have been used for missionary activities.
Apparently, Harvest India has over 1,500 “community centers” operating across the country for proselytizing purposes. In addition to this, there are over 1,500 to 2,000 pastors working for the organization engaged in conversion activities.
The NGO also organizes “Crusade” events to introduce new members to Christianity and train them as preachers. Kumar and his wife run a church called King’s Temple and several Bible colleges.

In its complaint, the LRPF had raised questions about the organization using funds to pay pastors’ salaries and upkeep of the church.
Reports suggest that several members of the organization also broke Indian visa rules and traveled to India to participate in proselytizing activities.
Suresh Kumar has also been accused of abusing scheduled caste benefits. Earlier this month, LRPF and the SC-ST Rights Forum wrote to the National Commission of Listed Castes requesting action against Kumar for holding a List Caste Certificate in order to enjoy the benefits of the reservation despite the fact that he is a Christian bishop.
Suresh Kumar in an anti-Hindu speech at the 2018 Mission Conference held at Biola University in the United States, was heard saying, “Right now we are under Hindu rule. Our Prime Minister is a bad guy. He doesn’t want Christians. in India. He wants to make India a Hindu country. So many pastors killed in the past five years. Many missionaries have been dismissed.

However, Harvest India’s FCRA returns in recent years show that its foreign donations have been used to run orphanages, retirement homes and day care centers, leprosy missions, medical aid and digging wells. drilling.
Earlier this month, the MHA suspended the licenses of seven other NGOs, the majority of them linked to evangelism and forced conversion activities. Prior to that, FCRA licenses from Holy Spirit Ministries, Markazul Ighasathil Kairiyathil Hindiyya, Russ Foundation, Heavenly Grace Ministeries, People’s Organization of Empowerment of Tribals, Al Hasan Educational and Welfare Foundation and Mewat Trust for Educational Welfare were suspended by MHA. (ANI)


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