Noah Syndergaard celebrated Reid Detmers No-Hitter For The Angels by… dragging the combined Mets No-Hitter on Instagram


10 days earlier:

Watch Loki rummage through his bag of internet tricks to troll his former team as his teammate writes himself into the history books. I will admit that if that was a few years ago and my soul as a desperate Mets fan was still tormented by the Wilpons, I would be angry to see my beloved Amazins take an unprovoked hit from a guy who spent all winter saying how much he wanted to come back to New York, then one morning he just decided to follow his ex out west, which put the Mets asses in the jackpot before landing a few decent pitchers named Max Scherzer and Chris Bassitt.

But it’s old Clem. The unfortunate Clem. The desperate Clem who didn’t think things would ever change. It’s funny what $14 billion pumped straight into your baseball team’s pocketbook can do for a guy’s behavior besides being tied for most baseball wins, multiple incredible 9th comebacks inning on the road and a no-hitter already scored before Memorial Day.

So I guess I’ll just say congratulations to Reid Detmers for the no no, give Noah a shout out for the trolling that’s triggered some people on #MetsTwitter as I blog while preparing my kids for the school and wish the entire Angels roster good luck maintaining that strong start while playing for a team owned by a guy who ruined Mike Trout’s entire career. I hope to see you in October.

Look at this. Emotional growth as a Mets fan. Proof that the Church of Cohentology does indeed heal all wounds (at least until KFC sees it and does a One Minute Man gutting Noah).


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