Northallerton Street Angels volunteers needed

Northallerton Street Angels.

Northallerton Street Angels program organizers are looking for more volunteers to patrol the city streets.

The Street Angels will be back on the streets later this year following the easing of restrictions.

The New Life Baptist Church is supported by the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Bureau and works with the local police, the Northallerton BID and the Safer Hambleton Hub of the Hambleton District Council to manage the program.

The Street Angels work in groups and patrol areas of the city to reassure and help anyone who may need support on a Saturday night.

Angels don’t need to be a member of a church, but want to work with others to help those who need help and support at a party.

The only condition is that you can offer one Saturday night per month to patrol between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m.

Comprehensive and specialized training is provided and ongoing support is available.

Steve Cowie, pastor of New Life Baptist Church, said: “Northallerton Street Angels became the foundation for a Saturday night outing in town before the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, as with so many things that changed this terrible disease, the need to patrol has diminished with the lockdowns and restrictions imposed.

“However, life is returning to some form of normalcy and we are eager to rebuild our Street Angels where they were – supporting all who profit from the nightlife economy in the city.

“We want to provide the opportunity for everyone in the city and beyond to volunteer. So this summer, as we regain our freedoms, let’s reflect on what has become so important over the past 18 months or so – protecting each other in every way we can.

“The Street Angels do just that, so if you think you can donate one night a month to help those who might need it; please volunteer to become an angel for the city.

Sergeant Chris Hughes of the Northallerton Police Team said Northallerton was a safe city.

But he added: “Sometimes, however, we have people who need comfort, help and support during their evening – as well as a pair of flip flops.

“We know that when Street Angels was patrolling previously, we saw a 40% reduction in violent crime on a Saturday night.

“It was a fantastic achievement – we want it to happen again and Street Angels is the key to making it happen.

“This is an exciting opportunity to join the team, and I encourage anyone interested in helping keep Northallerton safe to apply.

“Working closely with police and other agencies, with direct contact with the Hambleton District Council CCTV team, Street Angels are there to reassure; they are not there to enforce or intervene in situations.

For more information visit or contact Angela Heys, Team Leader for Northallerton Street Angels, at [email protected]

Application forms can be downloaded through the Northallerton Street Angels website

All successful applicants are subject to full disclosure and exclusionary review.

The training will take place in September 2021

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