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  • Positive results from the first soil sampling program in El Pantano
  • Teams mobilized for a short monitoring program.
  • LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / May 3, 2022 / Orosur Mining Inc. (“Orosur“or the”Company“) (TSX-V/AIM: IMO)is pleased to announce that the results of the first soil reconnaissance geochemical sampling program on the La Esfinge prospect in El Pantano returned highly anomalous results in gold and several other scout elements, over a strike length of 3.3 km of the target, with a moderate level of anomaly over a further 3.4 km from the target.

    Gold anomalies in soil samples returned results greater than 100 ppb Au in the western half of the La Esfinge target, with very significant anomalies of other elements such as arsenic (As), silver (Ag), bismuth (Bi), indium (In) and copper (Cu) along the entire length of the target of almost 7 km (figures 4 to 9).

    The anomaly remains open to the west.

    Although widely spaced and preliminary in nature, these results are very encouraging from a first pass program and are consistent with the geochemical responses we would expect from an epithermal gold system in this environment.

    Following these positive results, the Company’s geological teams returned to El Pantano to carry out a short filling program to better define the scale and nature of the main anomalies before the approach of winter. Due to time constraints associated with short days, this fill will focus on the western half of the target with the most anomalous gold values.

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    The El Pantano project is the subject of an exploration and joint venture agreement (“JV”) (“Agreement”) with the private Argentinian company DESEADO DORADO SAS and its shareholders (“Deseado”).

    The terms and conditions of the Agreement allow the Company to acquire 100% of the capital of the Project by investing 3 million US dollars over five years in two phases:

    • Phase 1, earn 51% by investing $1 million over an initial period of 3 years.
    • Phase 2, moving to 100% ownership by investing an additional $2 million over a 2-year period and granting Deseado a residual 2% net smelter return royalty on the project.

    Figure 1. Regional Location

    Figure 2. Licenses


    As announced on March 21, a geochemical reconnaissance program was planned at El Pantano as the first phase of the JV’s work.

    Survey planning focused on the La Esfinge prospect, a silicified ridge approximately 7 to 8 km long which had geological features potentially suggestive of a major epithermal system, but which, to the knowledge of the Company , had never been sampled.

    Nine geochemical survey lines were located along the target length, at approximately 1 km spacing, with samples taken every 20 m along these lines. The lines varied in length in order to extend well into the surrounding host rocks and thus provide background geochemical signatures that are needed for subsequent statistical analysis of the results.

    Samples were taken at depths varying from 30 cm to 60 cm below the surface, at what was considered the local equivalent of a B horizon, although this nomenclature is somewhat complicated in Patagonia because there is no has almost no vegetation and therefore very little soil development. This area was however considered to have the required levels of manganese and iron clays and nodules and thus act as a suitable collection medium.

    A total of 362 samples were collected, with these samples prepared at the local ALS preparation facility in the province of Santa Cruz, prior to final analysis at the ALS laboratory in Lima, Peru. Samples were analyzed for gold and a wide range of other metals, some of which are known to act as precursor elements in the geological environment of the Deseado Massif gold province.

    Line spacing was intentionally wide, as the survey was designed as a first-pass reconnaissance program to assess the suitability of sampling method and medium, and to collect baseline data needed for analysis. results.

    Unlike drilling or rock chip sampling, the results of soil sampling cannot be assessed against an absolute, objective scale, but rather must be statistically analyzed above the local background. What is considered “abnormal” depends entirely on the prospect’s local conditions.

    Figure 3. Satellite imagery of the project

    Results and follow-up.

    The geochemical results were statistically analyzed item by item, with varying levels of anomaly determined by the number of standard deviations above the mean.

    The analysis demonstrated a widespread moderate gold anomaly across most of the western half of La Esfinge, with several key occurrences of high-level anomalies (>24 ppb Au), with the highest value of 118 ppb Au.

    The gold anomaly was concentrated along the southern margin of the silicified La Esfinge ridge, most likely indicating major structure along this margin that allowed the less mobile element to migrate upward. The highest gold values ​​also coincide with the western half of the La Esfinge ridge, where the ridge orientation deviates closer to the SE-NW direction which is generally the primary structural control of gold mineralization in this part of the Deseado massif.

    Other pathfinder elements, however, show a more widespread anomaly in both directions, which is to be expected as these elements, such as As, are more mobile and therefore able to migrate more easily.

    Although extremely preliminary in nature, these results are a positive indicator of an epithermal system along a substantial length of nearly 8 km. Seeing the most prevalent gold anomaly at the western end of the ridge may suggest the system is subsiding in that direction.

    As a result, the Company’s geological teams are remobilizing to the site to carry out a brief program of infill soil sampling in the short time allowed before the winter holidays.

    A number of additional soil sample lines will be located on the western half of the La Esfinge ridge to fill in the preliminary wide spacing and thus better define the anomalies, and to extend coverage to the west and south where the anomaly remains open. This work program should take approximately two weeks, although the actual duration depends on weather conditions.

    Figure 4. Gold in soils

    Figure 5. Arsenic in soils

    Figure 6. Silver in soils

    Figure 7. Bismuth in soils

    Figure 8. Indium in soils

    Figure 9. Copper in soils

    Orosur CEO Brad George commented:

    “While preliminary and reconnaissance in nature, these positive results are very encouraging from a first pass program on a virgin prospect. We targeted La Esfinge not only because of its positive geological indicators, but also its very large in size. To now see the geochemical anomaly along almost the entire 8km strike gives us a lot of work moving forward.”

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