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It’s been four years since the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller Black orphan has completed its five-season streak, but it remains one of the most exciting and memorable series in recent memory. Starring evil scientists, a colorful lineup of clones, and even a talking scorpion, the show will continue to captivate audiences for years to come.

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Aside from the technical magic of bringing the clones to life, the series is also praised for its well-paced writing – which gave viewers jaw-dropping twists, a satisfying finale, and some of the best spoken lines on television.

ten “Follow mad science.” – Delphine Cormier

A photo of Delphine smiling on Orphan Black.

This is what Delphine tells distraught Cosima in the first episode of the final season, just before she is again forced to leave her and after explaining what exactly the island is: the heart of Neolution. .

In some ways, following the science is exactly what the show’s characters – and fans – have been doing throughout its many twists and turns, and it’s a running theme in Delphine and Cosima’s intense romance. Crazy Science, by the way, is also the name of a leftover spin-off comic series about their adventures to heal the other 274 Leda clones around the world.

9 “Da Vinci stole graves to study anatomy. In a hundred years, they will call me a pioneer. – Evie Cho

An image of Evie looking down on the Orphan Black show.

Like Delphine, Evie is a scientist, but the list of their similarities ends there. Director of BrightBorn Industries, Evie implanted creepy robots in people’s mouths under the guise of gene therapy and cheated millions of people along the way. But in one of the top-rated episodes of the show, she claims it was all for science.

It’s a phrase that makes fans think about what people are saying to each other to justify the evil. Add the fact that she also caused the deaths of Beth, Kendall, the Warped Newborns in her experience, and even tried to kill Delphine, and it’s easy to see why she’s one of the most hated villains. from the Serie.

8 “We do terrible things for the people we love. Stop asking why. Start asking who. – Beth Childs

Black Orphan Beth Childs

Although the series began with her death, Beth has a huge impact on Clone Club through all 50 episodes. And this is especially true for Season 3’s “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”, where Sarah finally escapes from Castor’s base – but not before seeing Beth in a feverish dream.

In it, Beth makes tea in a well-lit kitchen and tells Sarah about the day Paul moved in. She also offers Sarah hints and encouragement to continue in a touching scene that most fans will probably never forget.

7 “I can’t do this without you.” – Sarah Manning

Orphan Black Tatiana Maslany as Sarah

There’s a lot going on in Episode 6 of Season 2: Helena finds herself a boyfriend, Alison meets Vic, and Sarah finally meets who she and her sestras might consider their father, Ethan Duncan. But there’s a little moment in the middle of it all where, after talking about the science of it all, Sarah asks Cosima if she’s okay.

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It’s cute, and there’s something special about watching the tough punk who never needed anyone to open up to their sestra. Fortunately, Cosima’s answer to her question is “obviously. I am the geek monkey!

6 “My sexuality isn’t the most important thing about me.” – Cosima Niehaus

Orphan Black Cosima Niehaus

Easily one of the friendliest characters on the show, Cosima has given fans many memorable lines to love, including “I’m always late, so always sorry” and “Look, I’m not going to apologize for my heart, okay? ” But when confronted with Rachel in “Ruled by Sonic Reason and True Religion,” fans see her standing confidently in her own skin.

Being a lesbian is certainly part of who Cosima is, but it’s not all she is – and the way she stands up to Rachel’s cold and calculation is certainly part of it.

5 “She was poisoned. By Big Cosmetics. What about what’s confusing? “- Krystal Goderitch

Orphan Black Krystal Goderitch

Krystal – manicure, vlogger, and Big Cosmetics’ biggest nightmare – is one of the more refreshing aspects of the show. The smart, resourceful and impeccably dressed clone always manages to come so close but so far from the truth, and this line of “Manacled Slim Wrists” is a fan favorite.

Krystal’s tongue-in-cheek commentary is more real than viewers may realize, she’s one of the best characters in Black orphan who says it like that. After all, in a world where there is a mysterious 170-year-old man, worm-like robots, genetically engineered babies, dangerous religious extremists, military experiments, and clones, what about the poisoning that can be so confusing?

4 “Challenge them, live your life with every ounce of passion I know you have. They’ll never own you.” – Delphine Cormier

Orphan Black Cosima Delphine

In one of the most heartbreaking moments of season one, Cosima finds a code in her genome that marks her as intellectual property. Much later, in Season 5, fans see what happened next: Delphine passionately promises Cosima that she will protect her and that they will never own her – not her mind, intellect or integrity. .

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It’s an intense scene, and in that same episode, viewers see its effect on Cosima as she stands up to her creator saying, “You gave me life. I know you can take this. But you cannot take my humanity away from me.

3 “Sometimes the family is more than the people under your roof.” – Alison Hendrix

Alison has a lot going for the show’s five seasons, including murder, desecration of corpses, drug trafficking, and frequent altercations with the show’s evil scientists. But she also takes care of the family, and the suburban soccer mom and community theater star make this beautiful point in her talk in “Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate.”

Her statement is a powerful commentary on founded families and staying with the people you love. She continues with the emphatic lines: “These are people who throw themselves head first, who are not afraid to make fun of themselves to help you, who do not hide their faces in shame if you fall.

2 “So to my galaxy of women – Thanks for the care.” – Felix Dawkins

Nature versus culture, alongside female strength and diversity, is one of the recurring themes of Black orphan. In “Guillotines Decide”, Félix pays homage to his adoptive mother Siobhan and his sisters through a series of paintings and a touching speech.

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He begins his moving monologue by saying, “Watching her raise my sister, watch my sister raise her own daughter, find my biological sister, that’s pretty crazy. It taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance. Of choice. Nature against education. The scene is charming and the art exhibit feels like a celebration of not only Felix’s art, but also the freedom of his sestras and the family they have all built together.

1 “Remember, my loves – death is nothing at all. I only crept into the next room.” – Felix, reading the letter from Siobhan Sadler

The characters came and went on Black orphan, but the death of fan favorite Ms. S is probably the most devastating of all. The letter she leaves behind, read by Felix in the penultimate episode of the series, is heartbreaking but still hopeful, and reminds those she left behind that she remains with them even in the dead.

The last moving paragraph of the letter ends with “You can call me by my old familiar name without any sadness in your tone.” I promise we’ll laugh at this difficult separation when we meet again. All my love, S. It’s a touching conclusion to a life well lived and a deep way to set up the show’s final battle as the sestras must pause their mourning to save one of their own.

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