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100 years ago

September 14, 1922

BENTONVILLE — The Interstate American, a family and farm weekly, was recently launched by the publishing house of John E. Brown College in Siloam Springs. The Reverend John E. Brown, well-known evangelist of the Methodist Church and founder of John E. Brown College, is editor, and Ernest H. Smallwood is editor… The new weekly contains eight pages, with general news, editorial pages, community events, school gossip, church and Sunday school, “Around the Farm” and other departments.

50 years ago

September 14, 1972

WASHINGTON — Rep. John Paul Hammerschmidt (Rep., Ark.) of Harrison said Wednesday he would introduce legislation to add 10,000 miles of four-lane freeway to the nation’s primary highway system. Under the proposal, some new four-lane highways would be developed while existing roads designated for inclusion in the system would be upgraded to interstate highway standards… The congressman said passing the project bill would help meet growing traffic demands on the national highway system. and allow for the advanced development of major highways in Arkansas.

25 years ago

September 14, 1997

MOUNTAIN PINE – Smallmouth bass that have been stocked in Lake Ouachita should feel right at home. Their ancestors do not live very far away. The more than 14,000 smallmouths were produced from smallmouth bass caught in Big Mazarn Creek and the Ouachita and Caddo rivers. …While it would have been easier to gather broodstock from the Ozarks, the G&FC used unconventional methods to obtain Ouachita-strain fish. “We couldn’t have done this without the help of several Hot Springs anglers,” said Brett Hobbs, assistant fisheries biologist for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. “Many of these streams are not accessible because they are surrounded by private land. But we had several fishermen who wanted to help. We lent them livewells and on their fishing trips they helped gather the broodstock.”

10 years ago

September 14, 2012

• JACKSONVILLE – Walking around the body of a C-130 can be quite humiliating. The tall body, so low to the ground, has a high wing design and is perched on big round tires. Being a passenger on a C-130 is another story. During a nearly 20-minute flight, Captain AJ Harrell gave his handful of passengers, which included five members of the media, the experience of positive and negative G-forces as well as weightlessness aboard Fat Albert, a Lockheed C-130 Hercules. turboprop that is part of the Navy’s Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team. Harrell and his flight crew rode the plane through its practice routine Friday for the 2012 Heritage and Heroes Open House and Air Show held Saturday and Sunday at Little Rock Air Force Base. …Little Rock Air Force Base is a C-130 base, and the pilots of the Fat Albert not only received their training at the base, but the plane flies there for repairs.


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