Photographer and painter with a common attraction for the abstract


A PHOTOGRAPHER and a painter sharing a love of the abstract will exhibit together at the Old Fire Station Gallery in Henley.

Stuart Feurtado and Karen Joy first met when they both showed their work at Bucks Open Studios in Kingsey Church, near Haddenham, in 2016.

Stuart, a retired engineer from Princes Risborough, says: “I do direct photography, landscapes, black and white images, birds, dragonflies and damselflies, whatever appeals to me. If I like it, I’ll take a picture of it.

“I only choose what I like. I don’t think, ‘Are people going to like it, then I’m going to show it’, it’s the other way around. I show it and if they like it love, so much the better.

It uses camera and post effects
digital sound processing software
works of art.

Describing an image called sun woodStuart says, “I move the camera around as I take the shot and it stretches all the verticals but loses all the horizontals, so you end up with a lot of lines, basically.

“I also tricked the camera into thinking the weather was really nice when in reality it wasn’t. When it comes to showing, it’s usually the images that are abstract in one form or another that really grab the attention.

Karen, from Piddington, near Bicester, trained as an image restorer and then went to university to learn printmaking.

“I actually didn’t start painting properly until much later after I had kids,” she says. “I graduated from art school, got married and went back to restoring pictures to earn some money.

“I started again with evening watercolor classes and when I discovered acrylic that was it. It has become more and more a passion. Karen initially painted figurative works, but later discovered a love of the abstract. She says: “I was doing these big skies in Oxfordshire and they were selling quite well, but I wanted to try more of them, so I’d like to feel more like an artist. I am not a commercial “external turner”.

“When I exhibit more figurative stuff, people say, ‘Oh, that’s beautiful’ but overall, people who see my more abstract work say, ‘Oh, wow’ and they connect more ‘soul.

“There was a lady who bought a painting at Oxfordshire Artweeks and she absolutely loved it. She said to me ‘I can’t, I can’t’ but she took my card and left.

“About an hour later I got an email from her saying, ‘I was wondering, can I afford it? Absolutely not but I have to have it. Do you still have it? C It’s the nicest feeling, someone getting that kind of “Whoa” – they get you.

Karen compares with the abstract work of this Stuart.

“I think we do the same thing in our different mediums,” she says. “We are both expressionist and abstract, not commercial artists.”

• Impressions and Rhythm of the Land is at the Old Fire Station Gallery in Upper Market Place, Henley, from
Friday to Monday, August 26 to 29, 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. People are welcome to take a peek on Thursday as the two artists put it together. For more information, visit karenjoyart. or www.stuart-feurtado-


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