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From the San Francisco Department of Recreation and Parks:

Golden Gate Park’s Skatin’ Place reopens with new ‘psychedelic’ mural

Longtime skater design pays homage to the park’s roller skating history

A vibrant new floor mural at Golden Gate Park’s legendary Skatin’ Place made its debut today as the iconic outdoor roller skate reopened after the area was repaved and the artwork installed art, San Francisco Recreation and Park officials said.

Photos courtesy of San Francisco Department of Recreation and Parks.

The 28-by-93-foot oval mural, painted on asphalt and located between Sixth Avenue and John F. Kennedy Drive, was created by Bay Area artist and longtime Golden Gate Park skater Aimee ( Bruckner) Stevland. Using a vibrant color palette of yellow, orange, red, teal and purple asphalt acrylic paint, the innovative design – titled “Psychedelic Golden Gate Skate” – pays homage to the park’s roller skating history, referencing the Golden Gate Bridge and featuring a roller skate in the center circle.

The minimalist design also serves a purpose: to provide spatial orientation for skaters to maintain balance as they spin around and over. The durable coating surface should give the wall paint longevity to prevent peeling and fading even under heavy traffic. The weather-resistant coating will also allow for easy maintenance and touch-ups.

To celebrate the new mural, a community event will be held at Skatin’ Place on Saturday, June 18 from 11 a.m. to noon.

The mural took off after the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Commission approved its final design in mid-December, followed by final approval from the San Francisco Arts Commission in early February. Painting on the mural then began in early May.

“People come from all over to enjoy the vibrant experience of roller skating in Golden Gate Park,” said Mayor of London Breed. “With the completion of this new mural, we are not only honoring the history of skating in the park and the community members who came before it, but we are ensuring that Skatin’ Place continues to be an inviting place. for residents and visitors of all ages. .”

The mural is a collaboration between Rec. and Park and David Miles Jr., longtime skating advocate, steward of Skatin’ Place, and founder of the famous Church of 8 Wheelers. Last year Rec. and park officials and the Church of 8 Wheels held two joint community meetings to gather public feedback on the project and its design.

“This well-deserved makeover to one of the park’s most popular locations will bring the skating community even closer together and attract new generations of skaters to this historic and inclusive community. The colorful design is also a reminder of what Skatin’ Place stands for: freedom, creativity and resilience,” said San Francisco Recreation and Parks General Manager Phil Ginsburg.

“After 43 years of involvement in the skate movement, this mural is a significant moment as it recognizes the joy that roller skating brings to the park. It lets us know that roller skating is an integral part of the culture here in San Francisco. It’s an example of what every city should be doing – investing in fun and joy,” Miles said.

“Years ago, roller skating provided me with an important creative outlet at a time in my life when a neuromuscular disorder nearly ended my career as a designer. So I’m very grateful for this opportunity to celebrate the past, present and future of San Francisco roller skaters through art, so that their vibrant colors and lively spirit remain even after they all return home each night,” Stevland said.

The history of roller skating in Golden Gate Park began when John McLaren, the park’s designer and first superintendent, built a skating rink at the children’s playground in 1891. More than a century later, the The city’s skating community continues to revel in the joy and adrenaline rush Skatin’ Place brings. The area has since become a symbol of self-expression, movement, acceptance and diversity, creating a strong community of skaters and strong supporters.


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