Screaming Trees drummer regrets throwing a can of beer at Mark Lanegan


Former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin (pictured above left) recently paid tribute to his late bandmate Mark Lanegan with a story about how the rock band threw beer cans at each other.

Once he threw one at Lanegan that he wished he didn’t have.

Lanegan (pictured above, second from right) was the former vocalist and solo artist of Screaming Trees who was also a former member of Queens of the Stone Age. He died at age 57 on February 22. In his memoirs Sing backwards and cryhe also talked about beer can throwing.

On Tuesday (March 1), in what Martin said was the first in a series of personal memories of Lanegan he began sharing that day, the drummer and former Skin Yard member recalled how his kick can in Lanegan came back to him on a loop. (Read the full story at the bottom of this article.)

Martin writes, “For some reason the Screaming Trees tended to throw cans and even beer bottles at each other, and Mark told the story in Sing backwards and cry how I threw a can of beer at him in his hotel room in New York. It’s true, and I wish I hadn’t, but I did.”

He adds: “More telling of this event is why my beer can cracked in the first place. It all came back to 2019, when Mark called to ask if I remembered some stories differently than how he remembered it. We had a really good phone conversation where I told him the things that I remembered, and I would say that his book is pretty darn true to everything I remember from those Roaring Twenties. What Either way, Mark reminded me that it was me who threw away that first beer.”

As the story continues, readers learn that Martin got his reward when Screaming Trees guitarist Gary Lee Conner nearly injured the drummer with a can. This started a backstage brawl that saw Conner brawl with his brother, Trees bassist Van Conner. It ended with the two accidentally knocking over a vintage fridge on Martin, according to his story.

In 2021, Lanegan was hospitalized with COVID-19 and went in and out of a coma with “little hope of survival”, according to his latest book, Devil in a coma, published last December. The Screaming Trees singer also went deaf during his illness, but appeared to be on the mend by the end of the year. At the time, a spokesperson said the musician had “recovered his hearing now, but his health is rock bottom”.

Then last month, a rep revealed that Lanegan “passed away this morning at his home. … A beloved singer, songwriter, author and musician, he was 57 and is survived by his wife, Shelley. No further information. is not available at the moment.”

Lanegan led the Screaming Trees from their start in 1984 until their split in 2000, recording albums including sweet oblivion (1992) and Dust (1996) with them at that time. He then worked with Queens of the Stone Age, contributing lead and backing vocals to select songs on their albums from 2000 to 2013. He was an official member for several years. Lanegan has also recorded with Isobel Campbell, Duke Garwood and others.

by Lanegan Sing backwards and cry was released in 2020, the same year as his last solo album, Upright songs of grief. They followed his 2017 lyric book i am the wolf.

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