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The first trip of Sean Bai after his appointment as general manager of Valencia, he went to Vila-real. There he attended the children’s game in which the yellows and blacks and whites played for the title. Sean Bai attended the meeting with Marco Otero and Luis Martínez. A few hours earlier, he had met in offices with Miguel Angel Corona and the communications department. Around them all want to make his team Sean Baiwith them he will try to remove the temporary poster they put Singapore in the farewell statement to Anil Murthy.

for the moment, Sean Bay received before a notary signing powers. In Valencia, he and Joey Lim have them, which is at least a trust symptom and a certain permanence. Sean Bai arrived in Valencia in September 2018 from the hand of Anil Murthy, who had known him since he was a diplomat. In fact, it started as Director of the President’s Cabinet, a newly created department, which handled the club’s internal affairs outside of football. From there he became director of the Paterna Academy in January 2019 and, three years later, He is the general manager and the person with the biggest voice and command of Meriton in Valencia.

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It was at the Academy that he developed the professional relationship with Marco Otero and Luis Martínez. He wants them close in his new stage linked to the first team. With curiosity Otero was thinking about his future. He has offers from other clubs and it remains to be seen whether this change of roles makes him reconsider leaving.. Luis Martínez has been a club man for years (started at the VCF Foundation) and will be available to Sean Bai both for the first team and if he keeps him at the Academy, where the idea is to promote internally if positions change. A Miguel Ángel Corona, for his part, is maintained as director of football and department coordinator tracking. Since Meriton, he is seen as a clubman, like Voro or the ambassadors Arias, Tendillo and Bossio. But people are about to join the club and according to the profile, we will see if there are more changes.

According to the press release, Valence is a priori looking for a president for its board of directors. Khojama Kalimuddin is in the interim position and Meriton intends to incorporate a personality to promote this “change of leadership” which was discussed last Monday. And there the club wants to start with a change in the presence / relationship in the media and in the relationship with the supporters. The club does not give explanations on its management since the departure of Mateu Alemany. Murthy never offered a press conference (only a few interviews with foreign media) and not even César Sánchez nor later Miguel Ángel Corona were presented. And there, Jorge Mendes gives his opinion to Peter Lim.

Mendes knows firsthand how exposed a coach is in Valencia’s current model. Nuno Espiritu Santo felt lonely in his second year at Valencia after Rufete left, and Mendes doesn’t want the same to happen to Gattuso. So there is proposed to Lim that I integrate a sports director with experience. Obviously this number would collide with the “football-related” functions that have been filed in the figure of Sean Bai, at least temporarily. But another option considered by Meriton is to embed a framework in the organizational chart to less football related issuesa manager for stadium matters, advertisements and public relations.


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