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Anyone who owns an apartment or would like to bring his rented apartment up to scratch, but does not have the necessary funds, thinks about a installment loan.

However, often the terms of a installment loan are not as desired – especially in terms of amounts and terms. The Gandalf (formerly Tinkerbell) loan for apartments is specifically designed for housing renovation.

  • Same interest for all customers
  • Credit line up to 50,000 euros
  • Running time up to 84 months
  • Land registry entry is not required

Replacement can look forward to the information here that the Tinkerbell calculates no cost.

  • How does the special repayment work?Special repayment is a point that is important to many borrowers. Sometimes there may be a sum that could reduce the loan. The special repayment on Tinkerbell Wohnkredit is possible at any time – and it’s free of charge. At any time special amounts can be paid into the credit account. If a special repayment exceeds the amount of two monthly installments , a new repayment plan will be issued.

Special repayments are always free

  • Securing the loanCredit protection is important in this day and age because unemployment can happen faster than you think. Credit protection is possible with a risk life insurance from one of Tinkerbell’s cooperation partners. For an additional amount per month the loan is secured. The sum insured should be made dependent on the loan amount.
  • Rate breaks at Tinkerbell WohnkreditThe repayment of the Tinkerbell home loan should – if possible – on the monthly installments. Sometimes it may be that the installments can not be paid. Personal circumstances can be a reason why a customer can not pay the installments. In this case, a break in the installment can be realized, which can be applied for at the Tinkerbell. It is possible to suspend up to three contiguous installments and continue to repay after three months. However, it is necessary to tell the reason for the rate break.
  • The purpose of the Tinkerbell loan for apartments

    The intended use of the Tinkerbell home loan is clearly defined. Thus, the residential loan is intended exclusively for use in the home . With the amounts from the residential loan expansion work can be made. Also renovations and modernizations as well as new furnishings can be bought from the amount. However, it is necessary to use the money exclusively for the property. Here, the Tinkerbell can also demand proof.

The Tinkerbell loan for apartments can be used for renovations, renovations or new furnishings. Free special payments are possible as well as installment breaks that can be claimed. The processing of the loan is completely free, as well as the account management.

The difference between the installment loan and the Tinkerbell loan for apartments lies in the earmarking. While the installment loan can be used for any purpose, the residential loan is only available for use in the context of a property. As a result, cheaper interest rates are possible with the residential loan.


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