The Complete Wolverine Story: The Wandering Years



After World War I, Logan is in Shanghai doing nothing but get drunk. It is here that he has a chance encounter with Ogun, a captain in the Japanese army. When Logan stops a clash between Ogun’s soldiers and some citizens, Ogun offers to teach the surly man at his dojo in Kanazawa. Logan refuses.

Years later, in 1921, Logan finds himself in Mexico. He and a very blue woman named Raven Darkholme, later known as the shapeshifting mutant Mystique, are in the Sonoran Desert about to be shot by firing squad in WOLVERINE (2003) #62. Logan saves them both and they escape to Kansas City. Raven wants to build a “family” of thieves in the next issue, but Logan isn’t keen on the idea. He hasn’t met many trusted people in his job, but Raven manages to seduce him into going along with her plans. The next issue, Logan and everyone except Raven robs a bank. Mistrustful. Shortly after they break in, security arrives. They have been set! I should have stayed with your guts, Logan. He is able to flee at the end of the arc but is framed for the failed bank robbery. To say his relationship with Raven frayed after this event is a major understatement.

In the first story of WOLVERINE: THE AMAZING IMMORTAL MAN & OTHER BLOODY TALES (2008) #1, Logan again finds himself exposed in a circus. How? ‘Or’ What? He was caught in Tennessee stealing chickens. Yes the mercenary is sent back to a circus environment because he wasn’t stealthy enough to catch his dinner. The silver lining meets and falls in love with Olga, the lion tamer’s assistant. As with the course of Wolverine’s life, this romance doesn’t last. Olga dies in childbirth, then there is a plot to end Logan’s life. It doesn’t work, of course – it will take more than a few lions and a little fire to stop it. Said fire burns down the circus and Wolverine uses the chaos to escape.


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