The Goans expect their guiding angels to explain why they should endorse the political elements that destroyed Goa

Jan 13, 2022 | 07:56 IST

The Goans expect their guiding angels to explain why they should endorse the political elements that destroyed Goa

The people of Goa are at a crossroads. Every five years comes the time for them to simply push the right button. But this simple act of pressing a button that will shape their lives and destinies is one of the most complex processes as there seems to be a gap between what people want (and what Goa needs) and what some political parties do to win at all costs. and Goa costs.

When at a crossroads, Goan society often looks within. Within their families, villages and panchayats and within their institutions, including faith-based institutions. And it is from there that many stories are built. Stories that help people make the right decisions.

In the middle of last year, when Goa began to prepare to reflect on its leadership, the promises made, the betrayals and their sufferings, institutions like the Church were guiding lights emanating from lighthouses guiding boats and people floating in troubled waters.

As guiding angels, the priests have also sent messages, shot videos on WhatsApp, YouTube, which have been widely circulated, ‘guiding’ the Goans on how our land should be reclaimed from the vices of corruption and greed. How our environment and ecology should be protected. About how we should be ruled by good people and so choose well. On how traitors and those who have failed Goa and worked against the interests of Goa should be rejected and not part of any political system that is taking shape for the future of Goa.

And when such messages were sent by important leaders of the Church, which speaks not just for one faith but for all the people of Goa, in defense of the identity and culture of Goa, they resonated with the Goans who wanted clean governance and great social distancing from those elements of the Goan political class who manipulated the system to destroy the land of Goa and its resources.

The battle was against the destruction of Goa through projects which increased the transport of coal through Goa, the battle was against the change of zoners to allow massive construction projects which would destroy villages, the battle was against changes in the law on land use planning, which will allow the big construction lobbies to move forward

projects in fragile areas and not intended for such projects, in the name of course correction.

The Church has always been the guiding angel for people struggling for our land and our identity.

The story was not about winning elections, the story was about speaking and acting the language of real change for the people, transforming a grassroots protest movement and fighting for justice and rights. And although the Church does not officially declare its support for any party, it has its ways of sending messages, indicating the direction in which people might think. At the same time, some priests go further to indicate a political direction very strongly as seen in some places in Mormugao taluka.

But what happens when the very force or political party that the ruling angels endorse contains newly joined elements and allies responsible for harming the interests of Goa? They betrayed the mandate of the people, responsible for defections, the creation of ODPs and PDAs in rural areas and the destruction of virgin villages, and the creation of laws allowing construction, in the slopes and forests and other fragile lands. And when these leaders of popular movements supported by the Church join political parties that contain these elements and become their candidates, the people expect to be guided by guiding angels on what to do.

Herald, as always, is and will articulate the needs and expectations of the people

In light of the above, perhaps new guidelines will come from the same priests who had made videos and sent several WhatsApp messages giving guidelines and channeling people’s thoughts on how to vote.

Perhaps the real confusion of people will be addressed. Perhaps they will get an explanation of why the political forces and their allies are responsible for the very destruction of Goa the people are fighting against, get the support of the guiding angels whose advice and sermons carry so much weight .

And those who wait are not of one faith. They are all Goans through religious beliefs who believe in and respect institutions which may be religious but in reality are institutions that guide the whole of society.

When the institutions that society believes in remain silent, society becomes confused and worried.

There is one thing the well-meaning people of Goa understand. The simple people who love Goa to the core are at the heart of a real grassroots movement. And if they are asked to endorse a political movement by the guiding angels, which is not in tune with the kind of governance the Goans want and contains Goan destroyers, then the credibility of that endorsement suffers.

People may still be hoping that the religious institutions that guide their flock and society will call upon themselves to guide and answer several questions that the people of Goa are asking, which Herald has expressed on their behalf.


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