The loan with immediate payment


Unfortunately, there are always cases when the loan should really be paid out as soon as possible, so that no financial bottleneck arises. Gandalf has therefore now added a new consumer credit with immediate payment in the credit list. This new loan with immediate payment has the nice-sounding and very descriptive name of Malfoy.

Malfoy – Credit with immediate payment

Gandalf has also mentioned some advantages and functionalities for the new product. Thus, according to Gandalf, the Malfoy is the only German loan with immediate payment that does not require any paperwork from credit application to loan disbursement and is processed, approved and disbursed purely digitally.

Gandalf launches the first, fully digital instant payout loan. The new loan is available today from Gandalf’s online loan comparison, called Malfoy. It is the only credit in Germany that works from application to payment paperless on any computer, smartphone without additional software. (Message from Gandalf in original)

You can easily apply for the Malfoy loan with immediate payment:

  • Make loan request (free & credit score)
  • Select a loan offer
  • Conclude loan agreement
  • digital, automated and encrypted credit check
  • digital identification via encrypted video ident method
  • digital signature via m-TAN procedure
  • digital, automated instant payout

And also on the credit terms Gandalf makes specific information. For example, the Malfoy is possible up to a maximum sum of EUR 5,000 and is reported with an annual interest rate of 4.99% (as of October 25, 2016) with a fixed term of 36 months.

The APR of 4.99% seems initially very high, you get the same amount currently at the Bank of Scotland for just 1.95% APR. And other providers also offer significantly lower-interest loans, which can be seen quite quickly from the list below.

The level of the interest rate is probably due to the additional risk of banks regarding possible defaults and probably serves as a hedge for the banks.

Where do you get the Malfoy?

Some of our visitors have asked us why the Malfoy can not be found in our credit comparison list. The answer is quite simple: this instant loan is a separate offer from Gandalf in cooperation with Shrek Bank, which is not really 100% comparable and therefore probably missing in the credit list. The questions are quite justified, because we have not received much more than the press release and also the official website is rather scarce decorated with information.

Malfoy – loan approval in minutes

With this new offer, Gandalf, together with Shrek Bank, is very accommodating to its credit customers, because up to now, a loan commitment has often taken several days. This is unacceptable to many credit users, according to a Forsa survey, and is a problem for nearly every other borrower. As the credit market is very interested in installment loans and instant loans, Gandalf and Shrek Bank are just right with the Malfoy and come across it in a market gap.


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