The Series’ Best Character Arcs, Ranked


fans of Supernatural will have another chance to revisit the series when the prequel The Winchesters premieres in the fall. John and Mary are certain to have arcs dedicated to them, but Supernatural had many of his own that were part of his 15-year run on The CW.

Ranging from demons like Crowley going from Big Bads to true allies and angels like Castiel learning to think for themselves, there are several arcs that signify character development. It’s interesting to assess which heroes and villains have developed better than others and how their arcs have been from start to finish throughout the series.


ten Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Although Dean faced many challenges like being condemned to hell, avoiding the apocalypse, overcoming possession of the Michael alternative, and defeating God, he surprisingly developed much less. Dean started out as an angry young man who valued family above all else and ended his run as an angry man with family values.

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Dean never got over his vices, his tendency to vent his anger on his loved ones, his guilt complex, or his trigger-happy personality. It wasn’t until the finale that Dean showed real development when he let Sam go before he died asking her to live a life without him. For the most part, Dean’s arc was all about being an action hero.

9 Amara

Supernatural Quiz - Darkness

Considering Amara emerged as the ultimate evil who wanted to destroy all of creation, it’s remarkable that she completely overthrew it. Amara learned to love the potential of humanity, appreciating the small details of the world to understand why life should thrive.

Her arc still felt incomplete since Amara’s new perspective was manipulated by Dean and Chuck – she allows the latter to absorb her when she learned that Dean wanted to kill her alongside Chuck to preserve the balance of the universe. While Amara’s capacity for love was great, she didn’t have the best yield.

8 Jody Mills

Jody was introduced as a skeptic who didn’t know about the supernatural and became a monster hunter and mother of children orphaned by monsters as well. She always had a maternal side but did not seek to create real links because of the death of her son. After her husband was killed by their undead son, Jody became a fierce ally to Sam and Dean as well as a close friend to them.

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Additionally, Jody adopted Alex and Claire, in addition to becoming a full-fledged hunter. Jody’s core personality may have remained the same, but she had a solid arc in Supernatural to open up to the supernatural and embrace this new life.

seven Meg Masters Demon

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

One of the reasons Supernatural fans are thrilled to The Winchesters is an opportunity to see the characters of the original series in the past. The demon who possessed Meg Masters (and later took her name), might be one of those characters who could upset John and Mary.

However, Meg has gone from being Azazel’s terrifying lieutenant and one of Sam and Dean’s main enemies to their firm ally. Meg retained her demonic malevolent streak, but became a protagonist in her own right. She helped the heroes defeat the Leviathans and challenge Crowley, giving her life to save them. Meg’s old antagonism towards Sam and Dean was forgotten by the end of her run, which signifies how much she had changed.

6 charlie bradbury

Felicia Day is one of the actresses who turned her guest performance into a recurring role, as Charlie grew from a small-time hacker to the Winchesters’ sisterly figure. Charlie’s death was sad, but it completely completed his character arc.

She began to only care about herself and feel secure in her office job, despite playing small. In subsequent seasons, Charlie grew braver, stronger, and more willing to take risks. She fulfilled her dream of adventure in Oz, selflessly helped get the Mark of Cain removed from Dean, and found love and acceptance. Her death proved that she was no longer putting herself forward and playing it safe.

5 Crowley

Supernatural Quiz - Crowley

Crowley brought some of the best quotes from Supernatural due to his penchant for one-liners. While he’s always had an antagonistic attitude towards the Winchesters, he’s shown a remarkable turn as King of Hell. Crowley started as a Crossroads Demon “salesman” and ended up as one of the characters who avoided the destruction of the universe.

Crowley also went from hating his son to admitting that he loved him, displaying genuine emotions that also led him to reconcile with his once despised mother. He stopped trying to take over the world to save it, giving his life to help the heroes against Lucifer.

4 Rowena

More than her son, Rowena has made a big shift from her debut. She was introduced as the main villain of Season 10, plotting to have Crowley killed and use the Book of the Damned for nefarious purposes. In the end, she used the book to stop evil and never had plans for domination again.

Rowena created a real bond with Sam that saw the latter mourn his passing, something that once would have seemed impossible. Rowena really liked Crowley, which is to say how much her mindset had changed. She was firmly on the side of the good guys in her last appearance, as Rowena sacrificed herself to save innocent people Chuck had put in harm’s way.

3 Sam Winchester

Soulless Sam talking to someone in Supernatural

When the show started, Sam was not receptive to Dean’s attempts at reconciliation, he resented his father and wanted nothing to do with the supernatural. Sam’s arc saw him accept his role as the savior of the universe and willingly become a team with his brother.

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Also, he learned to be a father figure when he took in Jack, unlike Dean who never came. Sam also matured to see John’s point of view and reconciled with him when he had the chance. Sam finally got the normal life he wanted in the end, which was well deserved considering the decades he spent battling the supernatural.

2 Castiel

Misha Collins as Castiel in Supernatural

There were many times fans felt bad for Castiel in Supernatural, which was part of the character’s journey to understand human emotions. Castiel was introduced as a monotonous angel who blindly followed heaven’s commands before his development saw him rebel and join the Winchesters as a surrogate family member.

Originally, Castiel had no qualms about owning starships until he decided to seek out Claire Novak and tried to work things out to take over his father’s body. Castiel’s development was complete when he learned to love – he became Jack’s adoptive father and gave his life for Dean when he recognized he had always been in love with him.

1 Jack Kline

He may have been introduced towards the end of the series, but Jack had the biggest character arc of Supernatural. As the son of Lucifer, he seemed destined to be the greatest evil, to become the purest form of good. Jack’s journey has been fraught with pain and sadness, ranging from his status as the devil’s son that caused his mother’s death at birth to his guilt for accidentally killing Mary.

Jack had father figures Sam and Castiel to shape his worldview, while the harsh treatment he received from Dean made Jack a realist. He ended up becoming the new God, giving the universe the freedom it deserved away from Chuck’s destructive ways.

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