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SCHUYLER FALLS – Three challengers seek to overthrow two incumbents in the Schuyler Falls City Council race.

Republican incumbents Mike Perrotte and Howard Newton are defending their seats against challengers Richard Donah, of the Conservative Party, Bill Todd, a Democrat, and Ricky White, a Tory.

The Press Republican asked candidates what are the most pressing issues in Schuyler Falls and how will they address them?


Age: 64

Party lines: Republican, Democrat

Profession: Sales manager at Key RD Trailer Sales

Education: Saranac Central, some Clinton Community College

Government experience: two terms on the municipal council of Schuyler Falls

Newton is running for his third term on the board and seeks to continue funding improvements to the city through grants rather than taxpayer dollars.

Specifically, he said that the infrastructure is a priority for the city to improve. He said plans were underway to improve the city’s 70-year-old water system and cellular and broadband connections.

He hopes these improvements will be made with as little taxpayer money as possible using grants.

“[Grants] were rarely looked at before and to see what was available to help instead of putting the total burden on the city members, ”Newton said.


Age: 66

Party lines: Republican

Profession: Management

Education: Saranac Central

Government experience: a mandate on the municipal council of Schuyler Falls

Perrotte is also looking to reduce the use of taxpayer dollars and continue to use grants in a second term.

Over the past year, Schuyler Falls has hosted two large openings for its River Street park and a pumping yard near Salmon River Road. Both projects were partially funded by grants.

“These are good things to invest in. Everything is healthy for the community, ”said Perrotte. “We have a great board of directors with a great supervisor who works tirelessly. We improve our services year after year, keeping our taxes under control. I think this is something very important.


Age: 67

Education: Plattsburgh High School

Civic organizations: founding member of Morrisonville EMS

Challenger Richard Donah said changes are needed in the overall functioning of city government, saying city employees need more responsibility.

“The workers come and go as they please, with no responsibility, no time registration,” Donah said. “The current administration has said it is far too busy to document the time worked.”

“I have attended the majority of working sessions and meetings over the past three years. I find them disorganized, unprofessional and embarrassing to our residents. Public comments and new ideas are not welcomed by the majority of the current board, ”he continued.

Donah said he wanted to better maintain the city’s highways, increase funding for programs for the elderly and reallocate revenue from the city’s landfill.


Age: 78

Party lines: Democratic

Occupation: Retired Chief Operator of the City of Plattsburgh Water Filtration Plant

Military service: US Air Force, four years during the Vietnam War

Government Experience: Former Schuyler Falls City Councilor, Former Morrisonville Fire Department Fire Marshal

Civic organizations: Member and former Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus Mgr. Claude A. Gobet Council # 6067, Morrisonville Fire Department, administrator and choir member at St. Alexander’s Church. Former baseball and softball coach for the town of Schuyler Falls.

Todd’s concerns, like current incumbents, are with taxes.

“The most urgent problem is to maintain a good tax rate,” he said.

He also wants to bring natural gas companies to the city.

“We need a few people to sign up to want the gas before that happens.”


White did not return to Republican Press for an interview.

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