Top 10 Emotionless Anime Characters, Ranked


There are many character types found in anime. Everyone relates to their emotions in unique ways. However, some might be perceived as unemotional. Whether it’s because they’re not as expressive as other characters or because they really don’t feel emotion, these characters spark intrigue in viewers. Many of these characters fall under the kuudere archetype.

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Able to keep their cool, kuuderes do not show much emotion. They can be careless with their choice of words and keep intimidating facial expressions. Some of these characters may be warm on the inside, but what about those who aren’t?

ten The Oddball Haruka Nanase from Free!

To free!  Stone-faced Haruka Nanase

Haruka of To free! is known for his lukewarm personality. Often this personality is confused with indifference. He has a strange fixation with water. His unwavering fixation for water leads him to do weird things, like stripping almost anywhere if there’s water nearby – even if it’s just a fish tank!

Although he is not emotionless in the ordinary sense of the word, it seems his stoic demeanor changes when it comes to water, as he considers even encountering a waterfall a romantic experience.

9 The intimidating and silent Takashi Morinozuka of the host club of Ouran High School

Takashi Morinozuka, often referred to as “Mori” for short, is considered the “strong-silent” type of Ouran Host Club. His demeanor is decidedly stoic and intimidating to others. Sometimes others are even frightened by him. Mori only speaks when something needs to be said and remains silent otherwise.

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When a girl confessed to Mori in the anime, he just stood there and said nothing in response. Despite this, he can sometimes be wise and useful. Otherwise, he remains the most intimidating member of the Host Club.

8 Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats! Is intelligent but robotic

Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats) thinks

Kanade is also known as Angel to the Afterlife Battle Front. She’s a dead girl wandering the afterlife. Kanade indeed lacks emotion. She’s expressionless, making it hard to figure out precisely what’s going through her head at any given moment – or if she even has a conscience at all!

Despite this, she possesses a bit of intelligence, as she was able to create weapons to perfectly defend herself successfully. Because of this, Kanade could also be described as robotic.

seven Bleach’s Byakuya Kuchiki Is Indifferent And Proud

byakuya in bleach

The 28th head of the Kuchiki clan can be seen as rather arrogant and apathetic. Byakuya’s Bleach remains calm and numb, even during high-stakes battles. Especially in the anime’s first arc, he is stoic and reserved. His personality is icy and he only believes in the power of order and honor to protect his pride.

It seems the only thing that turns him on is when people refer to him inappropriately. Her adoptive sister, Rukia, believed that Byakuya didn’t even care about her because he never once recognized her.

6 Tanaka’s Tanaka is always apathetic

While not emotionless in the traditional sense, Tanaka is sorely lacking in enthusiasm. He is still sleeping and seems exhausted whenever he is awake. We often see him sigh and complain about not applying himself; Tanaka never expresses his true emotions.

He is often seen as inscrutable and emotionless. Tanaka never puts himself in situations where he is expected to exert more energy than initially required. Ironically, Tanaka seems passionate about maintaining this lifestyle of numbness, laziness, and apathy.

5 Death Parade’s Decim seeks to understand emotions

Decimate Final Episode

Decimate of death parade takes his job as an adjudicator for the dead very seriously. Decim will never let his emotions interfere with his career unless something unexpected happens. He exhibits an emotionless and detached demeanor when talking to guests.

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He is impartial when it comes to judging the souls of the deceased. Although he’s good at his job, Decim still doesn’t understand human emotions. Unlike other emotionless characters, Decim seeks to understand why he lacks emotion and finds ways to connect with humans to better accomplish his job.

4 Violet Evergarden learned not to have emotions

Violet Evergarden Hair

Violet Evergarden is the protagonist of the anime of the same title. She was raised only as a weapon and not as a human being. Due to what she learned growing up, she does not understand how those around her may feel. Often assumed to be listless and emotionless, Violet couldn’t even speak when she was found. The only word in his vocabulary was “kill”.

Because she was raised as a weapon, she can freely take the lives of others without remorse. Violet also behaves like a finely tuned machine, working non-stop without a break and greeting others even outside of war, almost as if programmed to act as such. Violet sees herself as a “tool” and sees nothing wrong with being thrown away if she is no longer used.

3 The Cynicism of Hyouka’s Houtaro Oreki

Houtaro never overwork himself, always trying to “conserve” his energy by never doing anything unless he really has to. He is passive but very cynical. Houtaro doesn’t talk much and nothing excites him. He is generally expressionless, but he is intelligent.

Houtaro also has excellent deductive reasoning skills. He is generally considered a brilliant student who is always able to find a solution to any task that comes his way. Houtaro doesn’t seem to apply much despite his intelligence, as his grades are average.

2 Saiki Kusuo controls his emotions with his abilities

angry saiki

Saiki Kusuo was born with psychic powers. When he was younger, he was more willing to express and feel his emotions. However, his feelings directly fuel his abilities, which have become a burden on Saiki. He resolved to shut himself up and become more reserved. Now Saiki despises being the center of attention, rarely speaking. He tells the whole story telepathically.

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He deliberately avoids the other characters in hopes that they will stop bothering him, even though most want to get closer to him. Saiki also avoids socializing due to his ability to hear everyone’s thoughts whether he likes it or not. He loves books and TV because he can’t predict what will happen next in works of fiction.

1 Titan’s Levi Ackerman’s Attack Is An Unreachable Clean Monster

Levi AOT

Levi Ackerman from The attack of the Titans is often portrayed as a neat freak due to his childhood. He hates having a messy environment and will literally clean blood from his weapon while staying in combat. Also, Levi rarely shows emotion. Others perceive him to be frosty due to this expressionless behavior. He also has no filter between his brain and his mouth.

Levi’s comments are often inappropriate, insulting and careless. He also likes to provoke those who annoy him. He has a very dark sense of humor and many people find him rather disturbing.

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