Tribute: Happy birthday, dear mom



A mother is love.

Today, June 25, 2021, is her birthday and I can only wish her a happy birthday in Heaven, Mom.

Veronica Silo Uke was born in Wewak, 1967, to Michael Silo Isifu and Cecilia Hawasawa in Wewak as the eldest daughter after the two were married in a traditional Yangoru marriage.

She is originally from the villages of Nambari and Boensara in Yangoru, East Sepik.

Her story is a love story and ends with love.

She was a child of the 60s, as my grandfather Michael Silo left his hometown of Wewak and traveled to Rabaul with his wife in search of a job and a life for his family.

Veronica was the oldest in her family of seven siblings – Agnes, Lawrence, Monica, Christopher, John, Sandy, Regina and Igen.

She spent most of her educational life in Kavieng, New Ireland, and Rabaul, in eastern New Britain, after her mother remarried.

As a young woman, she grew up with a typical Sepik family upbringing, where even after her parents’ separation she learned to be responsible and took care of her siblings as a mother.

She was the mother figure of her siblings until her death last October.

His formal education began at Cartret Primary School in Kavieng, then Utu Secondary, St Bendict’s in 1986, Goroka Business and Technical College, PNG Institute of Public Administration (PNGIPA) in Port Moresby (2004), then Australia Institute of Business Studies in 2005 and CPA accountant certification in 2006.

After her return from school, in 2007 she was appointed accountant of the provincial treasury of the Eastern Highlands, the first female provincial treasurer of the province, then provincial treasurer of Kavieng, NIP in 2009.

She returned to study public policy at the University of Papua New Guinea in 2019 when she passed away last year.

Her first job was as a trader, where she practiced her business and finance skills.

She was working as a trader when she gave her life to the Lord and joined the United Pentecostal Church, which was a major influence in her life until the day she died.

She joined ANZ Bank in Goroka, but her desire to join the government was a goal and a point of prayer that the Lord fulfilled.

An angel left the earth on this rainy Friday afternoon of October 16, 2020; she was the heartbeat that my heart beat matched.

I cannot undo this day, for the darkness of the night has been chased away by the piercing rays to welcome the dawn of a new day.

The word mom left my lips with sadness that day and a throat so sour and dry with the memories of a beautiful soul that is no more.

She loved the songs of birds, songs that are nothing more than whistling memories of her memories.

My heart feels like a cracked soil on the face of the earth which has dried up with the sorrows this season of mourning has brought to me.

Mum, it’s been a while now and I miss saying Mum, Mum, My mom – I look desperately into the depths to find you missing in this world today.

Mom, now my heart is beating without yours, I will search endlessly but I only have memories of the lyrics of a song played without a voice.

A mother is the warmth of every home and the melody that easily closes your eyes every night.
A motherless house is empty without the burning heat of love.

I thank God for your life in this world on your birthday and the day he left, you gave me life in this world as the symbol of God’s love every day.

Your tears come from the heart and when you pray heaven listens to you and angels are near.

Your love has no limits, you love even in pain and on bad days, your words heal and comfort.
You were our everything.

This time of burial, funeral, and gathering of all family members to mourn your death is over, but the pain remains.

Your passing changed our lives forever; Mom Veronica Silo Isifu, you were not only the mother of 7 beautiful daughters and a son, you were the cornerstone of our world of happiness.

Mom is survived by her six children Ian, Daphne, Vicky, Sharon, Virginia, Vivian, Fiona and her husband Baunke Uke.

Mornings will come and nights will fall and I will continue to miss her, only a MOTHER understands her children better.

Mom was a God-fearing woman; her love for the Lord was evident in her journey when she got to see her father Michael Silo Isifu, my father Baunke Uke and many members of his family to God and the Christian faith.

Mom the world is empty without your physical presence but you have always loved and even when you are no longer there I can still feel your love through Christ.

One thing that was always close to his heart is his faith, for I remember one of his favorite scriptures, Psalm 23: 4 “Although I walk in the valley of the shadow of darkness, I fear no harm. for I know that the LORD is with me ”and Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that is raised up against you in judgment you shall condemn.

This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is mine, says the Lord.

I miss you mom and happy birthday in heaven.


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