Watch: Toronto Blue Jays ball boy makes incredible catch


Things are going well ! Nothing wrong with Toronto. Nope! They didn’t just lose to a Kansas City Royals AAA team. Nu-uh!

Alright I’m kidding. The Jays were just embarrassed by a night where, well, nothing went right. They lost to the AAA Royals 3-1.

What did go down well, however, was a Jays ball boy’s night out.

Royals 3B Emmanuel Rivera blasted a ball to the side of first base, and this young ball boy made a great play.

He followed it perfectly and did a nice little jump to secure it. Right away, that ball went under the cracks to an even younger fan. What a good kid.

Now listen, the Jays are looking for help. They can’t seem to make a play, and this young ball boy looked like Vladdy Jr. chasing the foul ball. Minor league deal, who says no?

All in all, Thursday night was about as disastrous as it could have been. Kevin Gausman whipped up six batters on 6.0 GI, allowing just two earned runs and two walks, but allowed seven hits on the night. His night wasn’t a complete disaster, but it wasn’t great.

The batters, however, had no idea how to figure out left-handed rookie pitcher Angel Zerpa, who allowed an earned run, hits and two walks in 5.0 IP.

Either way, hopefully the Jays can figure out baseball on Friday.


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