Why the corporate boycott of GB News is bad news for the Church


I confess. I did it. I lit. I watched. Of course there were some things that I didn’t like (e.g. the dark background), but I found it quite addicting.I’m talking about GB News, the latest news channel in the UK (and in the whole world on the Internet) which threatens to rival the BBC, ITV and Sky.

I don’t even have the excuse of not knowing what it was – unlike some companies that apparently advertised on GB News without knowing what they were doing. Even though I might have been ignorant – after all, one of these companies tells us that the primary purpose of GB News is to “communicate hate”.

What’s going on? Has the Nazi Party reincarnated in a British media program? Why is this happening? What can the Church learn from this?

Stop Funding Hate (SFH), the most hateful of all “anti-hate” groups, is lobbying businesses and businesses not to advertise on GB News. In fact, they tried to do it before a word even got out. The Twitter crowd is full – although to be fair, it seems the automatons that run companies are now so weak that a single tweet constitutes “public pressure” – especially if it even suggests that they might. blaspheme against one of the I have awakened doctrines that businesses are supposed to adhere to. So far, Kopparberg (cider), Grolsch (Dutch beer), Nivea and IKEA are among the companies that have removed their ads and have publicly repented of their sin.

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The business responses read as if they had been written by someone who has been trained in a combination of Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book and Monty Python. Grolsch, for example, issued a press release stating that he “takes pride in his core values ​​of inclusion and openness” – except, of course, for those who would like to watch GB News. Likewise, Kopperberg says they are a “drink for everyone” – except, of course, those who might have different opinions on Woke doctrines – or those with taste!

IKEA is a prime example of corporate hypocrisy. The week they repented of advertising on GB News because it did not match their “humanist values”, they were fined £ 1million by a French court for having illegally spied on their employees. I’d like to know what IKEA’s “humanistic” values ​​are – other than taking advantage of enticing customers to walk a serpentine path to indulge in inexpensive do-it-yourself furniture (and have meatballs on the way!).

I’m worried that any company that spies on its employees, while wanting to cancel a news company because of gossip heard on Twitter, is telling me not to buy its products. But on the bright side, I guess my life won’t be poorer if I don’t have flat furniture, weak Dutch beer, and corporate cream to smooth my face!

I think what bothered me the most was the Open University – which, by refusing its title, was not very open. Are they saying they’re just a university for Guardian readers?

Another company that wanted to show us its moral compass was Octopus Energy, whose chairman, Greg Jackson, said the company does not advertise on platforms “the main purpose of which is the dissemination of hatred”. Mr. Jackson could not provide a single piece of evidence for this startling claim. I’ve watched quite a bit of GB News this week and while I have found plenty of things to disagree with, I haven’t seen any evidence of any sort of hate. Unless you define what you disagree with as hate. If so, then the madmen have really taken control of the asylum!

What is really going on here? SFH and the intolerant Woke Regressives do not believe in freedom of speech, or even freedom of thought. They don’t believe in equality or diversity (except in the perverse way they reinterpreted these words to mean the exact opposite of what they really mean). And so they want to overrule any opinion that doesn’t suit them. If you have an opinion which is not theirs or which does not correspond to their “values”, then you must be filled with hate. And so you must be canceled. This is what we call the crowd rule.

Stop Funding Hate is a great sounding name and idea. After all, who finances the hate? But the problem is: how do they define what hate is? A good example of this is the following from Sam Bright, a writer / editor and former BBC journalist, who tweeted: “A direct quote from your flagship air anchor three days ago:” Apocalyptic scientists and public health officials have taken control. Sounds pretty hateful to me. “

I have read and re-read this tweet, and there is no “hate” in the statement. It is a political opinion that you may disagree with, but if this is your definition of hate, then you demand a level of intolerance that any authoritarian regime in the world would love!

Let’s go with GB News itself. It has a more diverse and gender balanced group of presenters than most of its competition. Does Stop Funding Hate want these people of color and women to be made redundant? It seems more than a little odious to me. Doesn’t anyone else find it ironic that if you want to see real hate, just go to an anti-hate rally?

It’s not all bad news, however. The cooperative refused to remove its advertisements and instead gave an explanation of its policy which included: “we will not seek to influence the editorial independence of the publications or the channels”. And the backlash against Woke’s businesses suggests there is more than a little truth to the adage “go wake up, go bankrupt.” Maybe if we all learned to use our little purchasing power more wisely and ethically, we could remind our “lords and masters” that we don’t owe them a living?

It is much more of a media news channel. It is the denial of the Christian values ​​that have made our societies the most prosperous and free the world has ever known. It is about trying to silence those who do not adhere to the current doctrines that the elites at Harvard, Yale and Oxford – who train CEOs and the HR and advertising departments of companies around the world – seek to impose on us all. .

We must realize that the hatred, hypocrisy and pride of the Twitter crowds and the Woke corporations will just as easily backfire on those who carry the Good News. We must stand up for tolerance, diversity and equality, before those who abuse these glorious concepts end up taking them away from us.

David Robertson works as an evangelist with churches in Sydney, Australia. He blogs on The little chip.


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